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The third season of Gotham developed Batman's mythology further, and fans of the Caped Crusader were delighted to see Bruce Wayne taking significant steps in becoming the city's watchful protector. With the introduction of iconic comic book villains like The Mad Hatter and Poison Ivy, not to mention the return of Jerome Valeska, The GCPD certainly had their hands full, so now is the perfect time for the Dark Knight to arrive and clean up the city.

Season 3 of came to a jaw-dropping end as Ra's Al Ghul arrived in the troubled city, Barbara Kean was seemingly killed and Selina Kyle donned the catsuit. Season 4 of Gotham commences later this month and, if like us you're excited, then check out this new trailer that Fox has released to tide us over until then. Check it out below:

Batman Begins

Much like he did in the comics, Bruce Wayne has had to deal with a lot on Gotham. From his parents' deaths to the multiple attempts made on his life, the young Wayne heir has had to toughen up physically in order to be able to survive in the chaotic city of Gotham. Last season saw Bruce break out of his shell, putting himself in harms way for the greater good of the city and it became clear that this was the beginning of his transformation into a hero.

We saw Bruce go on secret missions with Selina and he also developed the signature Batman code of conduct a.ka. the "no kill" rule. Moreover, let's not forget that he singlehandedly defeated the terrifying Jerome Valeska in one-on-one combat.

[Credit: Fox]
[Credit: Fox]

There's no doubt that the young billionaire has already begun the transformation into the Dark Knight but it appears that the Bruce will take things further in the fourth season. Season 4 of Gotham is subtitled "a Dark Knight" which is clearly a reference to Batman's famous nickname. Moreover, as you can see in the new promotional image above, Bruce's coat deliberately looks like a cape, suggesting our hero's inception isn't far off. Additionally, the coat is riddled with bats, which suggests that Bruce will have his iconic encounter with one of the nocturnal creatures this season, which could create the Batman persona.

While Bruce has often expressed his desire to make Gotham a better place, he's never mentioned anything about a fear of bats before, so it's likely we'll see that come into fruition this season. With the Scarecrow on the way, Gotham will need a hero and it's looking like Batman could be on the scene just in time!

[Credit: Fox]
[Credit: Fox]

We've seen plenty of Batman origin stories onscreen over the years but it looks like Gotham is going for its own original take on the classic superhero's beginning and we're definitely excited to see it. With the villainous Jonathan Crane set to wreak havoc as the Scarecrow, Gotham needs the Batman more than ever. And, after three years of waiting, it's looking like he has finally arrived.

Gotham Season 4 begins Thursday, September 21 on Fox.

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