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Remember that time that Sony royally screwed up the Spider-Man franchise and cast Topher Grace as Venom? Well, hoping to learn from the mistakes of the Raimiverse, the world of comic books and superhero films are again bringing Eddie Brock and his alien symbiote to our screens for his own standalone film. Pushing for a gritty R-rated masterpiece to rival the cotton candy world of the MCU, fans are already looking to a darker take on lore.

However, within a movie that already makes you wanna rock out with your Brock out, things are set to get even more manic with the inclusion of . We have all heard how the crimson criminal will be making his big-screen debut during , but who could be suiting up alongside Tom Hardy to play the part?

From Bats To Spiders

Appearing on Carnage fan casting lists everywhere since anyone first had the notion of the character in a movie, this role is coveted to say the least: Now, has officially tipped his hat toward the part. Taking to Twitter, the 23-year-old actor said playing Cletus Kasady would be the role of a lifetime:

For those who don't know why Monaghan would be perfect for the part, it's because he has developed quite the knack for portraying psychopaths. Playing Jerome Valeska on Gotham, Monaghan is easily one of the best parts of the show, and has cemented himself as a fan-favorite. Although he hasn't taken on the official moniker of Joker, Monaghan is thought to be playing the infamous Batman foe on the superhero drama. Elsewhere, the actor first rose to prominence playing Ian Gallagher in the American remake of Shameless.

As for Carnage, Cletus Kasady was first introduced as a raving psychopath in 1991 and took on the Carnage persona a year later. With plans to originally kill off Brock, Carnage entered the fray as a darker version of Venom and certainly lived up to that promise. Considering that Venom is the murderous entity from outer space, Carnage effectively makes him look like a fluffy kitten.

Brock and Kasady have a complicated bromance, first sharing a cell on Ryker's Island when Cletus was serving a life sentence for murdering 11 people. From throwing babies out of windows, murdering his grandma, and slaughtering a diner full of innocent people, Carnage is the R-rated gorefest that would surely rocket any Spidey film to success.

Maximum Carnage

Already gathering his own impressive "CameronforCarnage" hashtag, concept art of Monaghan in the role has also made its way online. Frequent fan artist BossLogic shared a snap of Carnage Cameron (via Comic Book), and it is hard to deny that it looks pretty damn sweet:

While the casting of Monaghan alongside Hardy may seem like a peculiar choice, it could also work brilliantly. Other favorite choices for the role of Carnage are the likes of Jim Carrey and Jackie Earle Haley, but Monaghan is an early frontrunner among fandom. We still know virtually nothing about the Venom solo film, but the details surrounding Carnage's part to play are even more scarce. Presumably saving the character for a climactic ending so as not to take the shine off Hardy, playing Carnage is arguably a more prestigious casting than the lead himself.

With Comic-Con just weeks away, expect Sony to be making some big announcements, and for Venom to be at the forefront of the hype alongside the rest Spidey villainverse with Silver and Black. In the meantime, we can all go back to preparing for some serious "Carnage" when Spidey's ferocious foes come to our screens for the sociopathic spin-off in 2018.

Check out Venom in Spider-Man 3, just to remind you why we need the reboot and don't forget our poll below!


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