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We haven't heard much about Fox's Gotham TV series since the announcement of its order. But now, after plenty of speculation, it looks as though the show won't in fact be linked to DC's superhero movie universe in which Batman vs. Superman is set.

Talking to IGN, Chairman of Entertainment at Fox, Kevin Reilly, just revealed that:

We own all the rights. That's what we're licensing. They brought us the entire franchise for a very healthy license fee. We're not negotiating this piece meal. We have all of the underlying Batman rights for the entire franchise for this series... That's what I like about this, it's not some sort of adjunct companion series. This is the Batman franchise, just backing it up. I think that gives it a real focus as to what the show is about and what stories we're telling.

So, it looks as though Gotham will be able to use Batman's affiliated friends and enemies however they like. But in case there's any confusion, Reilly went on to clarify that DC's television and movie efforts will be marketed as two entirely separate properties:

Warner Bros. manages the entire franchise and it's one of their top global franchises of all, so there will be an awareness of both and we'll have to coordinate when we're in the market place, but the productions are not piggy-backing off one another.

Huh. That seems pretty strange to me. What do you think of DC's choice to not link the TV and movie world together? Are you still interested in the Gotham series? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.



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