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It's no rarity these days for a studio to begin work on a sequel before the first movie even releases. However, this is a bit of surprising news; with DC Comics recently going back to the drawing board on their potential Justice League Part One movie, likely putting it on hold to see how Man of Steel performs at the box office, it is rather interesting to hear that the studio may already be working on a sequel for the Superman reboot.

Think McFly Think is reporting that this may be the case, and scribe is the man they are turning to for a script. Goyer is sort of a go-to-guy, having worked on 's Batman trilogy and this year's Man of Steel, as well as having an input on the final two Blade movies.

The site claims that a Justice League flick is still high on the priority list, but that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has moved closer to the forefront:

Rumor we're hearing, and frankly the one that makes the most sense - hence the article you're reading, has the studio aiming their tractor beams at a Superman sequel. Whatever title they bestow upon it (The Man of Tomorrow? The Last Son of Krypton? It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's Superman Two?) the studio is accelerating it into development with David Goyer back on writing duties.

With praise flooding in for Man of Steel, it was always a possibility that DC would get him back. Hopefully, this positivity will be shared by the general public when the movie arrives in cinemas June 14.

The question that arises now is, should the Superman reboot be a hit, will DC push on with Justice League or give Man of Steel the freedom it deserves to spread its wings and fly as a solo trilogy on its own terms? Let's just say there's a lot riding on this one for fans.

Which would you prefer, if Man of Steel proves to be a successful; an immediate sequel or a Justice League movie? Let us know in the comments.



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