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Matt Carter

We've got a juicy Justice League Part One rumor for you, courtesy of AMC Movie News Editor-In-Chief John Campea, who took to Twitter recently to suggest that Warner Bros. has found a writer and director for their superhero ensemble:

There've been rumors that Goyer was attached to write the movie ever since Will Beall's script was supposedly rejected for sucking really hard, but this is the first I've heard of Goyer also being on board to helm Justice League.

It seems Campea's revelation caused a stir as he followed it up with this tweet:

Goyer's writing credits are seriously impressive, having penned the Blade trilogy and also 's Batman saga, so getting him on board to write Justice League could be a masterstroke by the studio. I find the claim that he's set to direct the movie a little harder to believe though, as his experience behind the camera is restricted to Blade Trinity and a couple of television shows. Would Warner Bros. really leave their potential billion dollar franchise in the hands of relative novice?



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