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David Latona

When looking for the all-around aesthetically perfect woman, it's hard to top Keyara's physique: this little-known model could be the envy of Venus herself. With an angelic face (just look at those eyes and lips), supple breasts, toned abs, perfect skin, sexy legs and buoyant booty, Keyara has the makings of a world-renowned supermodel (although we don't even know her last name). This Malibu photoshoot for that accursed posh bottled water 138 could well be a stepping stone in a brilliant career of showing off that luscious body of hers to the cameras. Let's hope we get to see more and more of her in time. Meanwhile, prepare for your jaw to hit the floor and the drool to threaten to drown you with these awesome pics. Oh, and call 911. Seriously, she's too burning hot; a fire hazard if there ever was one.

Images via Hollywoodtuna.


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