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Brian Salisbury

After the mammoth success of the Fast & the Furious franchise, it seems other movie studios are now racing to put together their own gearhead-centric film properties. Dreamworks and Columbia are going the videogame adaptation route: Dreamworks with Need For Speed (starring ) and Columbia with Gran Turismo. Now, THR is reporting that Columbia has found a screenwriter for Gran Turismo.

(Watchmen) has been put behind the wheel for the screenplay. Tse has also worked on The Crow and Highlander remakes as well as the film version of the anime Ninja Scroll. I'm not sure how I feel about bringing this game to the big screen, as it seems like giving it a distinctive identity beyond simply an auto race would be quite difficult. But then again, Watchmen was long-considered an impossible adaptation and Tse was able to pull it off. That being said, while I liked Watchmen as a standalone movie, it actually was a pretty lousy adaptation.

Sorry to keep switching lanes here, just still not convinced this movie should have ever gotten the greenlight in the first place.

What do you guys think?


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