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As he held the very 'last can of Fuji stock sent to him as a souvenir', Chinese director Wong Kar-Wai talked to Indiewire about: The Grandmaster, his two year research trip around Asia and his love for 35mm celluloid film.

It's no secret that the Hong Kong based arthouse film maker rarely sets out to make an easily digestible film. In the case of The Grandmaster, he decided to follow his own personal passion by shooting the Kung fu feature on 35mm stock.

Whilst none of those involved had any prior knowledge of the martial arts before making the film, was still intent on filming live action scenes, 'without resorting to blue or green screens'; and admits in the interview with Indiewire 'I'm an analog guy'.

Wong Kar-Wai also touches woefully on the 'fading tradition' of 35mm in China which stirred 'a real tragic feeling' within him, where the rich and sumptuous tones in the film are owed to the to the unique nature of 35mm film.

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What are your thought on the ever present celluloid V's digital debate?

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