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The Flash Season 4 is almost upon us, and fans can’t wait to see Barry Allen return to take on the show's first non-speedster big bad, The Thinker. Although Barry is the self-proclaimed "fastest man alive", his speed will be put to the test against an adversary whose intellect exceeds the combined brain power of Team Flash.

Although sheer strength and speed might not be enough to stop The Thinker, Barry Allen must still be in peak psychical condition if he wants to combat the other threats looming over Central City. In preparation for the next chapter of The Flash, has been hitting the gym, and thanks to a recent Instagram post, we can now see how swole the actor has gotten during the show’s hiatus.

Grant Gustin Shows Of His Ripped Biceps On Instagram

In a recent post shared by Grant Gustin on Instagram, the actor seems to be sticking to a strict “sun’s out, guns out” philosophy, and looks jacked next to his new Season 4 co-star, . In the first three seasons of The Flash, Barry Allen’s physical appearance hasn’t changed much, which has worked perfectly for the character.

Barry Allen doesn’t have to be hyper-muscular like Oliver Queen, because his abilities are based off science instead of personal strength. In a way, his look was quintessential to the character, and his bravery exceeded his own stature. However, as the character evolves, he could undergo a physical change that would match his emotional growth.

In DC Comics, sports a similar stature to the other Justice League members, but to be fair, those interpretations aren’t the most realistic take on the human form. Since it appears that Gustin has been hitting the weights (and looking fantastic), his look will match Barry Allen’s new suit, and the changes he’s undergone while he was trapped in the Speed Force.

Beyond Grant Gustin's physique, the Instagram post also features Season 4 newcomer Danny Trejo. Although we don't know much about his character in regard to The Flash, his presence could have a huge impact on the show.

Danny Trejo On The Flash Season 4

Breacher [Credit: DC Comics]
Breacher [Credit: DC Comics]

During The Flash panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2017, it was announced that Danny Trejo would be joining the cast as Gypsy’s father from Earth-19. Gypsy’s father’s name is Quell Mordeth, and much like his daughter and Cisco, he can also “vibe” but on a much larger scale. Going by the alias "Breacher", Mordeth leads an army of rebel fighters which look to conquer worlds on alternate Earths.

On The Flash, we don’t know much about Earth-19; however, Gypsy has already stated that her Earth was attacked by another parallel Earth, which had huge consequences – including a death sentence for those who unlawfully travel between Earths.

Given Breacher’s comic book history, mixed with what we know about his home world on The Flash, this could mean we will learn more about what happened on Earth-19 – and how Gypsy’s family was involved. We also don't know if Breacher will be a villain or a hero, which could lead to a massive showdown involving Vibe and Gypsy.

Everything we have seen regarding The Flash Season 4 is extremely exciting, and it would hopefully surpass the Savitar debacle that was the previous season. Grant Gustin looks ready for action, and with a new cast of heroes and villains, it looks like a fresh start for one of the best superhero shows on television.

You can catch The Flash Season 4 premiere on October 10, 2017 on the CW.

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