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When The Flash premiered in 2014, it was met with critical praise and quickly became one of the most beloved shows on The CW — and yet, fans weren't quite pleased with Barry Allen’s costume. The suit was a darker red than any previous version in comics or live-action, and the lightning bolt emblem was offset by a red background, not white.

During The Flash Season 2, Barry’s suit got a much-needed upgrade to the emblem — and now The Flash Season 4 looks to breathe new life into the Scarlet Speedster. Thanks to a few posts on social media, we know that Barry will be getting a brand-new suit, and it’s about damn time.

Grant Gustin Teases The New Flash Suit For Season 4

’s Instagram photo teased fans with half of Flash’s new suit for Season 4, and from what we can tell, it'll look a lot like the Flash suit we saw in The Flash Season 3 Episode 19, titled “The Once and Future Flash.” The new pants are a brighter red than the previous iteration, and the boots are accented with thick gold trim about halfway up the shin.

Set Photos Reveal The New Flash Suit

Thanks to some great set photos from YVRShoots on Twitter, we got to see a lot more of the new suit than in Grant Gustin’s Instagram tease. This photo confirms that the new suit is very similar to the 2024 Flash suit, but they have made some minor adjustments. The 2024 Flash suit was less form-fitting than Barry’s earlier suits, and the torso looked a bit stiff, almost like a flak jacket.

In the set photo, we can see that the torso is less rigid, and this is likely to make the suit more practical and comfortable for Gustin to wear on set. The suit also isn’t as bright as the 2024 version, but the color could be altered in post — even though most costumes are brighter on set and dulled in post-production. The new suit also has fewer gold accents around the ribs, but keeps the thick gold accents on the forearms.

Another Twitter post gives us a better look at Flash’s belt, which is identical to the 2024 suit:

Based on the set photos and Grant Gustin’s Instagram post, we can tell that the suit is similar to the version seen in “The Once and Future Flash,” but has subtle changes that make it a less drastic change from the original suit.

It’s worth noting that we don’t know if this is Barry’s permanent suit, or in which episode he first puts it on. In the Flash comics, Barry and Wally can both materialize suits using the Speed Force, and it’s possible Barry comes out of the Speed Force wearing this suit. While that idea sounds strange, Grant Gustin has said in interviews that Barry will have learned new skills during his Speed Force vacation, and the ability to manifest a suit could be one of those abilities.

We have a few months until The Flash Season 4 premiere, and it is likely we will get an official look at the suit before then. Overall, the suit looks great, and we can’t wait to see Barry emerge from the Speed Force and return to his rightful place as the hero of Central City.

Make sure you catch The Flash Season 4 premiere on October 10, 2017 on The CW.

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