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The Flash is the most popular show in the thanks to its amazing plot, action, and most importantly, the chemistry of its cast. Stars and certainly put their most into their roles and without them, the show would not have nearly as huge an emotional impact on its viewer. However, the pair is ready to prove to the world that their skills as actors reach far beyond the dramatic, but that they can also star in a comedic role.

Grant Gustin & Tom Cavanagh Are Crowdfunding A Comedy Short

Barry Allen and Harrison Wells have announced that they are teaming up to crowdfund a comedy short in which they rob a bank. The comedic short will be titled "Tom & Grant," but it isn't in active development yet as the two actors don't have as big a budget as S.T.A.R. Labs and are having some difficulty getting the project going.

Given that, they have started an IndieGoGo campaign, where they are looking for a total amount of $80,000 on to fund their short for expenses such as post-production, permits, and craft services.

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Here's the official description of the short film featured on the IndieGoGo landing page:

TOM&GRANT is a HEIST. A bank job. And we want your company as we undergo the robbery. Here’s the thing, though: we need greenbacks, moolah, cash money, $$$. We need a l’il help fronting the capital to get the operation off the ground, see. After all, TOM&GRANT wouldn’t be thinkin’ about knocking off a bank if they had stacks of cash to make a short film.

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Even though a minuscule amount of details have been revealed about the short film, other than that they'll be filming it in the off-season of , I am personally a big fan of both Grant Gustin and Tom Cavanagh and I am very curious to see what they will bring to the comedic table. If you're a fan of The Flash, then you should go donate! You can do that right here.

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