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We'll never have to worry about a shortage of Frankenstein tales. A few years ago Danny Boyle did a stage show broadcasted across cinemas, has been working on his interpretation of Mary Shelley's classic for years now, one year from now we'll see playing Doctor Frankenstein, and now we have I, Frankenstein. Stop your worrying, fans of Frankenstein's monster, the character isn't going anywhere. He's too big of a figure to leave the theater for too long.

The same cannot be said for his monster brethren (or slayers), sadly. Universal's monsters have been kept up in storage for a long time now, and it's about time they, along with a few other friends, return to the big screen. Some of these characters are too good to do nothing with. There's always room for new versions of these characters, as shown, for better or worse, by Frankenstein's monster being turned into an action hero in I, Frankenstein.

But enough of Frankenstein. Let's start seeing more stories about the following monsters:

Van Helsing

's 2004 take on Van Helsing, starring , is a terrible film. It has its fans, and God bless them for enjoying it, but it's Sommers' worst film. The fun he brought to The Mummy was sorely lacking in that film, which is a shame because Van Helsing could make for a killer monster movie. Right now director ' name is being thrown around the project, and he could certainly bring style to the character. What it needs most: fun. This is a guy battling monsters; it shouldn't be as self-serious as Snow White and the Huntsman.

The Wolf Man

Another missed opportunity from a few years ago. The troubled production produced a butchered remake with flickers of a better film. The Wolf Man is one of the finest monsters out there and, in my book, the best of the bunch. So many different stories could be told with this concept, and it's been a while since we've had a good werewolf movie, let alone an inspiring take on The Wolf Man.

The Invisible Man

Hollywood doesn't quite know what to make of The Invisible Man. For a long time was developing the project, in hops of directing. He wanted to make a steampunk version of the character, which, at the very least, could've been interesting. I wonder if the character poses one comical issue for studios: you can't see the movie star's face. It's likely plenty of actors would turn down the role based on that horrifying idea.

Creature From the Black Lagoon

This wouldn't be an easy movie to make. Do you have the creature be a CG creation? Do you put an actor underneath an uncomfortable and troublemaking suit? Add all that to the baggage of already shooting under water makes this a tricky film to make. (The Crazies) wanted to make Creature From the Black Lagoon a 3D film, which sounds perfect for the character and its environments. The project never came together. We've heard nothing about the remake for years now.

The Munsters

The Munsters were given a chance recently. If you don't recall, and it's understandable why, the characters returned in a two hour special, titled Mockingbird Lane. shot this reboot run by , and it was a very funny and slickly made piece of television. It earned terrific ratings, despite airing on a Friday night, but NBC decided not to order more episodes. Fuller went on to make one of television's best shows right now, Hannibal, but hopefully NBC allows Fuller another shot at Mockingbird Lane. If that doesn't ever happen, why not a Munsters film?


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