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Sophie Atkinson

Gravity director didn't pull any punches at the Zurich Film Festival recently, when he succinctly described most 3D movies as 'crap'.

Speaking at a press conference, the Mexican director let loose, saying 'The problem with 3D is that it’s been completely misused.'

'The problem now is that they make all these films that are not designed for 3D and convert them as a commercially [sic] afterthought – and they are crap. They don't follow the rules of 3D of what does and doesn't work.'

'There are a handful of films that have used 3D in a proper way so it can be an amazing tool.'

Gravity was designed to be seen in 3D and the 2D version is just '30% of the experience,' the director stated.

Cuarón got a little more complimentary with regards to Sandra Bullock's performance in the film, in which she stars as an astronaut who ventures into space following a traumatic accident.

Cuarón had nothing but praise for Bullock, for her 'astounding discipline when making the film'.

'Sandra started rehearsing and training five months before the shoot just to get fit because of the rigs she was going to use,' he recalled.

"She worked with stunts, special effects, her personal trainer and the puppeteers to see which parts of her body she needed to train specifically for the rigs."

"We started working together on hundreds of cues and timings because everything was pre-programmed and she could not change timings. It was like dance choreography – more like we were doing a ballet."

"Her capacity of abstraction, because she was performing against nothing, was amazing. She was doing it with such precision that it looked like second nature and we could instead talk about performance and emotions."

Are you excited to see Sandra's Cuarón-pleasing performance come October 4? Let me know below.


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