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It looks like we've finally answered the age old question of "who's a good boy, then?" Naanak, the Greenland husky who was recently heard in 's Gravity, has just won two top awards at this year's Fidos (basically it's the Oscars for dogs).

The awards, which are dedicated to recognising canine talent on screen, were held at a collar-ful ceremony at London's Cinema Museum in Kensington.

Naanak's furry good performance was heard during one of Gravity's most pivotal scenes. Stranded astornaut Ryan Stone () is left adrift in space when she makes radio contact with an Inuit and his huskies in Greenland. After a brief conversation, Naanak's howling can be heard, which Dr Stone then repriocates. However, Naanak's pedigree performance can actually be seen in Gravity's live-action companion short, Aningaaq. You can watch that here.

As well as taking home the top Best In World award, Naanak also won the Blockbuster Bowser, beating canine thesps from both Man of Steel and Broken City. It's unclear how close the competition was, but I imagine Naanak won it by a whisker...

Unfortunately, Naanak wasn't on hand to accept the award, instead a fluffy white dog named Suki retrieved his trophy collar to raptuous a-paws.

You can check out the other big winners of the Fido Awards below:

  • Comedy Canine – Nugget, the talking pooch from Small Apartments
  • Historical Hound – The bordello lapdog in The Great Gatsby
  • RomCom Rover – The new age Chihuahua and friends in The Bling Ring
  • Mutt Moment – Ripley for his family friendly turn in How I Live Now.

What do you think? What is your favorite dog performance in cinema history? Let us know below.

Source: BBC News


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