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Gravity Falls was unquestionably one of 's best shows — the intelligently written series gained a huge following thanks to its snappy dialogue, compelling plot, and characters that practically jumped out of the screen and into our lives. At the heart of 's success was its mysteries, as creator Alex Hirsch invited fans to join in the hunt for answers with multiple buried clues, ending each episode with a code for viewers to crack.

Naturally, we were all hungry for more when the show ended with an explosive finale, so although Hirsch has moved on to other projects, he did put together Journal 3 — a completed version of Ford's third journal with plenty of new hints for fans. This journal went on sale nine months ago, but just in case you hadn't bought your copy yet, the cast are on hand to sell you some sweet accessories to keep your Journal 3 safe and cosy.

While Kristen Schaal tries to sell you her journal sweaters — for the low, low price of one million bucks — Jason Ritter (not Dipper) thinks the journal would be better off locked up in his self-designed book safe, named the JournAlert.

Mysteries & Ciphers

And just like the episodes, this short commercial nods to one of Gravity Falls' most interesting unsolved mystery, thanks to Ritter's comments on the safety of the JournAlert.

"How many years of nuclear fallout do you think this safe could withstand? One hundred? Two hundred? What if I told you that this would protect your secrets for one thousand years!"

There's actually an important event scheduled to occur in one hundred years from the start of Mabel and Dipper's summer of mystery — and that's the resurrection of the villainous Time Baby, which seems to spark "the end of the world".

This Gravity Falls short established that the end of the world would occur in 3012, while a hidden message at the end of the episode "Weirdmageddon Part I" revealed that this is when Time Baby's "molecules to reconstitute" — the code also warned that this tempestuous infant would be "very cranky" when he woke up. Granted, the new commercial doesn't actually add to this mystery, but it's a nice little reference for the show's notoriously beady-eyed fans.

The infomercial even has its own cipher at the end! It's a Vigenère cipher, with the key "gravity", and here's what it says:

Something tells me Kristen Schaal had a hand in this one.

Mabel hides in one of her many, many sweaters. [Credit: Disney XD]
Mabel hides in one of her many, many sweaters. [Credit: Disney XD]

And because everything in Gravity Falls means something, the telephone number that flashes up on the screen is active, toll free, and contains a message from Grunkle Stan...

Alex Hirsch is at his best here, singing a little tune in Stan's gravelly tones. Good thing he wasn't hurt by all those books falling on his head in the commercial!

Journal 3 is on sale now in Disney Stores. Season 3 of Gravity Falls will air sometime north of never. But you can catch re-runs of the first two seasons on Disney XD!


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