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Matt Carter

Gravity broke all sorts of records when it opened in theaters last weekend. The $55.8 million it made on debut is a new opening weekend record for the month of October, the percentage of 3D tickets sold is the highest for any original movie and it was the best opening weekend for . Ever.

Do you know what was Clooney's best previous opening?

No it wasn't Ocean's 11 or Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over. It was in fact 's horrendous Batman & Robin. Unbelievably for a film that considered it cool to have talk only in ice puns and Bat-nipples a must-have accessory, Batman & Robin managed to haul in a more than respectable $42.8 million on its opening weekend.

Luckily for Clooney he no longer has wallow in shame and embarrassment when asked what his most successful movie is, so I guess he must be thankful for that.



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