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I've always been fascinated with space, and ever since I saw 2006's Children of Men, I've also been fascinated with director . So, you can imagine my excitement now that Cuarón's long-awaited space-disaster flick, Gravity, is nearing completion.

Yesterday, we reported on Cuarón's revealing Comic-Con panel, and now we've got a brand new clip showcasing Gravity's out-of-this-world visuals. Check it out below:


Oh jeez, that was awesome. Seriously, I've been at work for about an hour now, and all I've been doing is rewatching this awesome trailer. I can't get enough.

The clip highlights Academy Award nominated cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki trademark single-shot scenes in dazzling style. Indeed, Gravity apparently boasts a 20-minute single shot sequence. Given what I've seen here, it could almost rival Cuarón's breath-taking action scene in Children of Men.

Interestingly, this latest clip also seems to do away with the explosive sound effects seen in the first Gravity trailer. Personally, I like this change. Firstly, it's more realistic, as there is no sound in space, and secondly it allows the music and dialogue to take over and add to the tension. I particularly liked how the soundtrack's bass would boom when objects collided or exploded — creating a nice balance between realism and action excitement.

Basically, this trailer is awesome. I think it's going to be a long work day for me, because I seriously can't stop watching it. Gravity's October 4th release date is going to be one excruciating wait.

What do you think? Has this Gravity clip got you all excited, or are you feeling a bit underwhelmed? Let me know below.

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