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If you haven't seen 's Gravity, 1) what's wrong with you? and 2) beware of spoilers... starting now. One of the standout scenes from the film was when 's character, Dr. Ryan Stone, was trapped in a Russian space capsule. Running out of oxygen, she pretty much accepted that she was going to die, until she made contact with a person who doesn't speak English. However, the sounds of dogs, lullabies, and a crying baby are kind of like math - they're the universal language whose outcome leads to tears.

THR just posted the spinoff film, Aningaaq, written and directed by . The person on the other side of the radio turns out to be an Inuit fisherman stationed in Greenland. What's particularly cool about this short is that Warner Bros. just submitted the film for Oscar consideration. This is pretty cool, considering that it's potentially the first time that a feature length film and a live-action short from the same source material could receive awards recognition. Take a look:

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