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How many horror movies have you watched in your entire life? One? Ten? One hundred? One thousand? Sadly, it doesn't matter how many horror films we have watched, the fact is that we will never have enough time to watch all of them.

Hundreds of new horror films are released every month. You can keep an eye out for the best of them but, most likely, there always will be a hidden horror gem (or two) that will pass under your radar. Today, I want to show you a list of seven horror movies that you (probably) know nothing about, but I can assure you that each one of these are especial and deserve to be known.

7. 'Waxwork'

A new wax museum has been opened. Intrigued by the gothic look of the building, a group of friends decide to visit it. They are impressed by the realism and the creepiness of the wax sculptures, but they don't know that these masterpieces hide a gruesome secret and soon they will have to fight not only for their lives, but for their souls.

OK, let me be clear. This movie has a lot of flaws (the acting is not the best, it has some bad effects, it is super cheesy). But you know what? I had a great time! It is a super fun movie. They just don't make films like this anymore. It has a lot of references that all horror fans will appreciate and love. If you are into campy and fun horror from the '80s (Gremlins, Monster Squad), you will enjoy Waxwork.

6. 'Burning Bright'

A lovely woman and her autistic brother are trapped inside their house in the middle of a terrible hurricane. Luckily, they are quite prepared for this disaster — the doors are taped and the windows protected. Unluckily, they are not prepared for what they are about to experience: A hungry and ferocious tiger has entered the house. Since they can't escape, they will have to fight against this terrible beast in order to survive.

A fun and different kind of horror movie. The villain is a tiger, so it changes the usual dynamic (humans vs. demons/aliens/vampires/serial killers) completely. It is a thrilling and enjoyable film that deserves to be more known. It reminded me a lot of , but with a tiger instead of a blind guy. So yeah, this one is pretty good.

5. 'Doghouse'

Vince is depressed because his wife has left him. So in order to cheer him up, his friends take him to a lovely town full of women. Sadly for them, all the beautiful ladies in the town have turned into cruel and violent creatures that enjoy killing men. Will the boys be able to escape from this damned place?

Doghouse is a great horror-comedy with interesting characters and good villains (the design of the evil women is really cool; they did a great job creating diverse, wicked creatures with very defined personalities). It reminded me a lot of Shaun of The Dead (it definitively has the same essence). A great horror film that you have to watch if you want to have a good laugh while being scared.

4. 'The Alchemist Cookbook'

A guy is living alone in the forest trying to accomplish the impossible: Turn ordinary metal into gold. He has an ancient book with detailed instructions on how to achieve this. How? That's easy — he only needs to summon an evil demon. He will perform a summoning that will make him question his (and our) mental sanity while descending slowly into the worst of nightmares.

I would say that The Alchemist Cookbook was inspired heavily by The Witch, but set in modern times (the '80s, it seems). I think it has the same creepy atmosphere and a similar pace. Also, don't expect to get many answers (it is the kind of film that leaves everything in the air). A good movie that is not for everybody (I think that most people will not enjoy it). Watch it if you like artsy horror films (Goodnight Mama comes to mind). I think this one has the potential to become a cult classic

3. 'The Blackcoat's Daughter' (A.K.A. 'February')

A couple of young girls are waiting for their families at an old school. Aside from a few staff members, they are alone in that creepy place. One girl is trying to escape from someone (or something). A good couple finds her and take her to a new town. Soon enough, the destiny of all of them will intersect, and it won't be pretty.

It seems that it has been a boom lately of movies related to satanism and witchcraft. This one also reminded me a little of The Witch, but it seems that The Blackcoat's Daughter was released before. Anyway, if you like creepy films about Satan (like House of The Devil), with eerie atmosphere (it reminded me a lot of the David Lynch films), I think this one is for you

2. 'Lesbian Vampire Killers'

A couple of friends decides to visit a small cottage in the middle of nowhere in order to forget the woman who broke one of their hearts. This place is not as desolated as it seems. An ancient curse has afflicted it and now it is full of pretty lesbian vampires. The friends will have to fulfill an ancient prophecy in order to save their lives — and the world.

Lesbian Vampire Killers is a great horror comedy that reminded me a lot of Doghouse and Cockneys vs Zombies. So if you like these kinds of movies you have to check this one. A fun and irreverent film. By the way, we are still waiting for the sequel (Gay Werewolf Killers?).

1. 'The Monster'

A young, smart girl and her not-so-good mother are traveling down a road in the middle of the night. Their relationship is not the best, but they are trying to improve it. Without warning, they crash into a wild wolf and they have to wait for help to come. They will soon realize that they are not alone and that monsters may be real.

is a great horror movie full of feelings. So if you are one of those who cries while watching movies, I think you will in this one. This is one of the best surprises of this year. The script may be simple, but the direction is so great that it more than makes up for it.

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