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What Tom Brady and the Patriots did in 51 was absolutely amazing. The comeback was the greatest as well as resulted in the first overtime in Super Bowl history. Beyond the Super Bowl game, there was the controversy of Deflate-Gate and the issues between Brady and NFL commissioner Robert Goodell due to Brady's four-game suspension. This began what Patriot fans called "Brady's Revenge Tour." Because of all of this, Tom Brady's story has been pitched to make a movie.

Brady has another four years of NFL football to play. Why tell the story before the final chapter has been written? I may be a Boston sports team fan, but it may be a bit soon to tell this story. Instead, I have some ideas of sports stories that I think should be told before we get to the Tom Brady story.

7. Gabby Douglas: Olympic Superhero

Gabby Douglas was once just a girl from Virginia, until the 2012 happened. Gabby came into the Olympics and stole the hearts of millions of people around the world. Gabby, along with her team of gymnasts (the Fierce Five), went into the 2016 Olympics and dominated in their competition.

Unfortunately, every hero has his or her controversy. In 2012 Gabby's hair was an issue. In 2016 Gabby didn't put her hand over her heart and people in America went insane. Learning about how she trained and how she dealt with the criticism she received is a story that would make for a great biopic.

6. From Sorry 1990s To Title Town 2000s

Being from Boston, I remember the post-Larry Bird years of the Celtics, the losing years of the Red Sox, and the New England Patriots and Boston Bruins being a bit of a joke. At one point, it looked like the Celtics were pulling guys off the street and asking them if they wanted to play for that night's game. After a decade of scraping the bottom of the barrel, four major sports teams in Boston went on to become champions.

This may not be a story worth going to a movie, but it would make a great 30for30 on on ESPN, with testimonies from the team's owners, former players and analysts about the struggle of watching their teams lose over and over again and what it was like to finally see them succeed. Also, the visual of the city of Boston after the teams finally won (especially the Bruins) are all sights to behold.

5. Mike Tyson: Life After Boxing

Once upon a time, Mike Tyson was one of the baddest men on the planet. For a lot of boxing fans, Mike Tyson will always be the guy who was struck more fear in the hearts of his opponents than anyone. He was boxing's hardest-hitting competitor, a bit crazy, said whatever was on his mind, talked trash and backed it up. Tyson is obviously still as dangerous as he always was, but in his later years, Tyson has become a different person. He's now a funny guy on TV shows and in movies, a meme and a teddy bear of sorts.

How did he get there? How did he go from being a bit of a pariah to being one of the most recognized faces in pop culture? A biopic or ESPN 30for30 on Mike Tyson's comeback to mainstream media would be a great and insanely entertaining project.

4. The Four Horsewomen

The Women's division had been considered a joke for years. Despite athletes like Lita, Trish Stratus and many others paving the way. But what Sasha Banks, Bayley, Charlotte and Becky Lynch have done for not just the women's division, but wrestling in general, should absolutely be considered one of the most impressive things that's happened in years.

The four came into WWE developmental at the same time and created a bond that took the world by storm. They helped turn NXT into the more exciting brand, despite NXT not being a main roster show. All of these women had "Match of the Year" considerations during their time in NXT, and in the 2016 Wrestle Mania Becky, Charlotte and Sasha Banks won the "Match of the Night." All four women are on the main roster and all four have been champions. This isn't just a great biopic, this would make an amazing WWE film.

3. Bill Russell: More Championship Rings Than Fingers

It's not just the 11 championship, the defensive dominance, or the iconic smile and laugh that makes this a great story to tell; it's the life of Bill Russell being a black man in the 1950's playing a predominantly white sport in a racist time in our country. Bill Russell took all of that and brought a championship culture to the Celtics franchise. Not only that, but for the guy dealt with his share of racism and took it all with a smile. What was really going on his mind? How hard was it dealing with the negativity and still performing? THAT is the story.

2. Dennis Rodman: Welcome To My World

Dennis Rodman's story growing up is a story that he has told in his book, but what about all of the things that happened after the book was finished — his last years in Chicago, his time with the Lakers and Dallas Mavericks, and everything that has happened since? Rodman has been one of the most colorful characters (literally and figuratively) for years. He was also one of the first people in the NBA with a ton of tattoos and was one of the first to use the media as tool to become famous (or infamous). Whether you're a sports fan or not, Rodman's story would absolutely be worth the money spent to see it.

1. Ronda Rousey

Love her or hate her, was THE most popular MMA fighter in the world. Rousey kept the afloat for years and made it possible for future women to participate in the UFC and mixed martial arts. She has gotten a lot of slack for her last two fights, but people seem to forget how dominant she was before the two losses. People love to beat a person while their down, but these same people can't do half of the things she has done.

On top of her UFC career there are also the medals she won in the Olympics and the other accolades in her amateur career. Ronda Rousey's story should be told and she should be respected for her accomplishments. Even greats like George Forman and Mike Tyson had bad games.

What sports stories would you like to see? Let me know in the comments below.


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