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's The Flash is easily their most popular superhero show. While had a slow and somewhat disappointing start to Season 3, the epic mid-season finale changed everything going forward. Now, the show has been confirmed to go on for a fourth season.

The Villain Problem

The one complaint I have about The Flash, is that we need better season-long Big Bads. Season 1 gave us the spectacular Reverse-Flash. Season 2 gave us Zoom, who started out terrifying, but ended up being a regular guy in a creepy-as-hell costume. Now, this season we have Dr. Alchemy, who is pretty much done with (for now), and Savitar. You guessed it: He's a Speed God. The problem here is that a super fast villain shows up, does something creepy and villainous, and Barry just needs to get faster. The last season utilized this formula, and this season is looking that way as well. I tire of super-speed villains, especially because Flash has so many antagonists that the show can use. With that in mind, here are three villains that can be major threats in Season 4.

3. Abra Kadabra

[Credit: DC Comics]
[Credit: DC Comics]

Honestly, anything other than super speed would qualify you for Season 4. Enter Abra Kadabra. Mr. Kadabra is from the 64th century, and he loves magic. However, all the advancements in science have made anything possible, so there's no one who really believes that magic is, well, magic. So, Abra travels back to the time of the Flash. After several clashes with Barry Allen, his technology becomes damaged. After some shenanigans involving bounty hunters and executions, Barry brings Kadabra back to the 21st century. Kadabra proceeds to manipulate some Rogues into giving their souls to Neron, in return granting him true magical abilities. With me so far?

Obviously this origin wouldn't work, because of a few reasons. One being that we don't really have a Rogues Team. The show could probably alter the origins a little to give him some beef with Barry. However, at one point Abra also kidnapped Linda Park while she was getting married with Wally West, and erased her from time. Abra could also be set up as a Wally West villain. His abilities are "magic" (Until the whole soul exchange deal). Pitting Barry against a villain who uses advanced future technology (even more advanced than Thawne) would make for some interesting battles. Should the show give him real magic, we would have another of tired magic relics and stuff (see Arrow Season 4).

2. Grodd

[Credit: DC Comics]
[Credit: DC Comics]

Grodd has already been introduced on The Flash, and has appeared as a villain in two episodes. "Grodd Lives" in Season 1 shows the brutish ape just starting his use of telekenetic powers. In "Grodd Returns" of Season 2, he is a full-fledged telepathic gorilla who just wants more like him. The episode ends with Barry knocking Grodd to Earth-2, where he finds Gorilla City. It was recently confirmed that Grodd would return in a two-part episode that would also introduce us to Solovar, another talking gorilla.

Now, due to the CW's budget, it would be extremely difficult to have Grodd appear as a main enemy. So far, the show has excelled with Grodd, but if the CW could find a way, Grodd would be a heck of a bad guy. Viewers already know his beef with Flash, so you wouldn't need to have too much of a backstory. Plus, a gorilla who can mind control anyone could cause some pretty big headaches for Team Flash. Aside from Speedster villains, I think Grodd is a humongous threat. Not only does he hate Flash, this guy hates humans in general. He wants them gone; not to rule them, but to wipe them off Earth completely. He's not fueled by a desire to be fastest in the multiverse, and he's not a friend turned foe from Barry's future.

1. The Rogues

[Credit: DC Comics]
[Credit: DC Comics]

Flash has a bunch of great villains. Captain Cold, Mirror Master, Top, Heatwave, Trickster, you name it. And while on the show these foes have been taken out quickly, together they are unstoppable. We've gotten several titles alluding to the Rogues, and several team-ups (Mirror Master and Top, Captain Cold and Heatwave, Weather Wizard and Trickster) However, I would love to see all of these little villains team up. We know them, and their motives. They have documented history with the Flash, so take some of his worst foes and have them plot domination of Central City and the death of Flash.

I'd suggest Mirror Master, Top, Weather Wizard, and Captain Cold. If you can get Trickster, that's great, but I doubt Mark Hamill has that kind of time. The team of villains formula is working so far on Legends, so why not try it? The Rogues are probably the first thing you think of when you hear villains, with Captain Cold being one of the most popular Flash villains.

The Verdict?

When it comes to the Flash, he's got loads of villains. The show has opted for three speedsters in a row, I think its time for a change. I'd say let the villain be someone who the Flash can't beat by running, but out-thinking — using science to bust Abra, battling the different abilities of The Rogues, or fighting against a telepathic monkey. The villain should be a character with a history started on-screen. Show us how this character becomes a villain, show us why he wants to achieve his goal, and show us why he hates the Flash so much.


Who Would You Like To See As a Primary Villain in Season 4?


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