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A large part of Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman is dedicated to telling the story of the gods and the Amazons, a group of warrior women created by Zeus to protect the humans from Ares, the god of war.

It's a little confusing — but also pretty awesome — that managed to create Diana's story using actual figures from Greek mythology, adding a little grandeur to Diana's story. And it certainly makes it one of the more highbrow comic characters and stories. But if the characters of both mythology and Wonder Woman are all Greek to you, here's a crash course on the actual gods and mythical figures who influenced some of the coolest characters in the film:


Unseen but mentioned throughout , the Greek god was not only the god of the sky, but also the ruler of all olympian gods. Zeus' weapon of choice was a thunderbolt, which he threw at those who displeased him. Using his shield, he could create all natural phenomena related to the sky, including storms and darkness.

Zeus was married to Hera, and the pair had three children including Ares. However, he also had frequent affairs which resulted in many other children. Zeus was "the father of men", and looked over mankind with a fatherly eye. Zeus often rewarded truth and fairness, but on the flip side also harshly punished those who lied or were cruel.


The main antagonist in Wonder Woman, we got to see and hear more of Ares in the film than any other Greek character. As in Wonder Woman, in Greek mythology Ares is the son of Zeus and the god of war. was a representation of the violent and wild acts that went on during wars, and in myths Areas was always a violent type. Ares was disliked by both his father, Zeus and his mother, Hera, with Zeus detesting him more than any other being.

Ares was often accompanied by his children, Deimos (terror) and Phobos (fear) when he went to war, so it was interesting to see that he appeared to be unaccompanied in Wonder Woman. Could this mean we might see more gods related to Ares in future installments?


While Hippolyta was the queen of the Amazons in both Greek mythology and Wonder Woman, in mythology she was also the daughter of Ares! was known for her magical girdle, which signified her power over the Amazons; the girdle was given to her by her father, Ares. Unlike Wonder Woman, the Greek version of Hippolyta never had a daughter.

Hippolyta is probably most well known for her appearance in the myth of Heracles, who was sent to retrieve her magical girdle as his ninth labor. In some iterations of the myth, Hippolyta was prepared to give Heracles her girdle, but after the goddess Hera spread the rumor that Heracles and his crew were preparing to kidnap their queen, the Amazons attacked Heracles' ship. During the attack, Heracles ended up killing Hippolyta, taking her girdle and sailing away.


As in the film, in Greek mythology is Hippolyta's sister, as well as the daughter of Ares (along with Melanippe who also appeared in Wonder Woman).

Antiope also appeared in the story of Heracles' ninth labor, with some versions telling how she may have been abducted and given to Theseus, whom she eventually fell in love with and married. According to some versions, Antiope and Theseus had a son named Hippolytus, named after Antiope's sister.

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