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He's one of DC's most popular characters and a member of the Justice League, with a history that dates back to the Golden Age of comics. And yet, Green Lantern has had a bad time of late, after the 2011 movie bombed and he was excluded from the upcoming DCEU movie Justice League. While there are plans to include the Green Lantern Corps in the DCEU, that's not for years to come — and in the meantime, fans of The CW's DC TV shows are eager to see Earth's legendary defender appear on this side of the DC multiverse.

With hints and Easter Eggs about Green Lantern dating back to the early seasons of Arrow, lately it seemed as though Hal Jordan's appearance in the Flarrowverse might become a reality, thanks to Susan Williams being added to Season 5.

Susan Williams in 'Arrow'. [The CW]
Susan Williams in 'Arrow'. [The CW]

In the comics, Susan Williams has a strong connection to Hal Jordan — suspecting his younger brother Jim of being the Green Lantern, Susan discovered Hal was the hero after marrying Jim. Naturally, many fans were hoping Susan's arrival on Arrow heralded Hal's entrance, but now it looks like this is just a pipe dream.

No Hal In Flarrowverse

Speaking with Comic Book Resources at Arrow's 100th episode celebration, producer Wendy Mericle shot down hopes for Hal ever appearing in the DC TV shows.

"[Susan's] someone who’s very intrigued by Oliver, who’s going to uncover some secrets that Oliver has, which is going to be really fun, and is a fun nod to the Green Lantern, who obviously we could never bring on the show."

The subject of Green Lantern's appearance on Arrow, The Flash, or Legends of Tomorrow has been much discussed among fans, but whether it were actually possible was a subject of contention. Were the many, many Easter Eggs and references to the character hints that he might soon appear, or just a fun nod to the DC comics?

References to Hal Jordan in 'The Flash'. [The CW]
References to Hal Jordan in 'The Flash'. [The CW]

Suffice it to say, the matter was far from obvious, but Mericle's comment reveals something we didn't know before — that Green Lantern was never on the table for The CW shows. Or at least, he definitely isn't now.

Not The Only Green Lantern

And yet, we know a Green Lantern already exists within the Flarrowverse — Alan Scott, the father of Obsidian, will be mentioned in Legends of Tomorrow, as actor Lance Henriksen revealed to

"It's all in there, every bit of it. Yeah, being Green Lantern's son and all that stuff and him being gay is all in there."

Obsidian appeared in the Legends of Tomorrow episode "The Justice Society of America", and will resurface later on.

Alan Scott's Green Lantern and Obsidian. [DC]
Alan Scott's Green Lantern and Obsidian. [DC]

We can only assume that the Green Lantern Mericle was referring to wasn't Alan Scott — the original Golden Age, and far less popular, Green Lantern — but Hal Jordan, considering he's the one Susan Williams has a connection with. Mericle's words could also mean that we won't see Alan Scott's Green Lantern onscreen, but that he'll only be mentioned — and maybe only called by his name, not his title.

That would make sense, as talking about a Green Lantern would officially confirm that the Lantern Corps are part of this continuity, and open up the possibility that other Green Lanterns may appear in Legends of Tomorrow or other CW shows.

Clashes With The DCEU

So why is Mericle so quick to stress that it's impossible to include Hal Jordan / Green Lantern? It could be because of Warner Brothers' upcoming film roster — and this wouldn't be the first time the DCEU production plans have prevented characters from appearing on The CW shows.

Such was the case of Arrow's proposed version of the Suicide Squad, who were originally intended to appear in Season 3 of the show before WB reportedly ordered the writers to axe these plans — and a scene of Diggle encountering Harley Quinn was cut.

Considering the many allusions to Hal Jordan specifically — the Ferris Airlines runway in The Flash, a news report of a missing military pilot, and the appearance of a man with "Jordan" on his jacket — it may be that The CW was considering introducing Hal to The Flash, or even giving him his own show.

That's just speculation of course (sometimes Easter Eggs are just Easter Eggs), but with WB's movie Green Lantern Corps coming in 2020, it wouldn't be surprising if the appearance of any Green Lantern in The CW shows will be limited to a cheeky comic book reference every so often — and Mericle's comments seem to confirm this is all we can hope for.

Tell us in the comments: Would you watch a Green Lantern show about Hal Jordan?

Well, there's always the animated series. [Cartoon Network]
Well, there's always the animated series. [Cartoon Network]

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