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A major complaint that has been leveled at the upcoming Justice League is the absence of one of its most recognizable members from the comic book team: Green Lantern. While the has plans for the Green Lantern Corps, with a movie slated for 2020, it was stated that none of its members would make an appearance in the first movie.

Now we know that might not be true. TheWrap released a list of the things they know or have learned about Justice League. The shocker is at the very beginning, where they confirm that at least one will appear in the film:

"A member of the Green Lantern Corps. will be seen in 'Justice League' in a key sequence."

Can we all breathe again? Awesome. Now, obviously, this is all to be taken with a grain of salt. Until Warner Bros. or someone directly involved with the project confirms it (and it's unlikely they will if it's meant to be kept a surprise), then it's still a rumor. It's worth nothing it was broken by Umberto Gonzalez, however, who has had a pretty good track record when it comes to the scoop game.

We know that will feature different ring wearers as protagonists, so the introduction of one of them in Justice League is to most likely ease their mythology into the DCEU prior to their own movie.

The thing is that, by the time Justice League hits theaters, GLC will still be three years away, a long time to keep the main heroes away from the big screen. The Flash and movie are two years away, but the respective characters have already cameoed in other films, like and .

Cyborg, who has his movie slated for 2020 as well, will have a role in , so is being very careful to put their heroes, regardless of how far away their movies are, in other films to build their storylines. With this, it's safe to say we'll get to see more of Green Lantern in other movies before their own. Now...

Which Green Lantern Will We See?

The Green Lantern title doesn't belong to just one individual, which makes it a mystery who we'll see wearing the ring in the movie. The most recognizable heroes are Hal Jordan, Jon Stewart, Guy Gardner and Kyle Rayner.

If Warner Bros. is trying to stay faithful to the comics, the best candidates would be Jordan and Stewart. Their original storylines of overcoming fear and discovering who they are as the first humans to be given this immense responsibility make them great vehicles for the entrance of the Green Lantern organization in the .

Gardner and Rayner are characters whose introductions would work much better once the Green Lantern mythology has been established, just like in the comics. Their character development would be much more interesting once we as audiences are acquainted with Oa. Still, whoever ends up appearing, I can't wait to see Green Lantern alongside the Justice League in 2017.

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Which member of the Green Lantern Corps would you like to see make their debut in Justice League?

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