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Most millennials are more than familiar with Jason David Frank since he portrayed one of the best TV characters from our childhood — The Green Ranger on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Since then, Frank has not only become a pulp-icon who makes numerous appearances at comic-con’s worldwide, but in the last few years has also become a formidable MMA fighter.

Jason David Frank has turned his sights away from being remembered forever as the , and is now focused solely on developing his martial arts prowess. Frank recently took his martial arts acumen to the next level, becoming an official fighter in the UFC. Frank has only one professional fight under his belt, but he's now set his sights on former WWE star, CM Punk.

Jason David Frank Challenges CM Punk

Frank made a recent appearance on the Primo Nutmeg Podcast and used it as a platform to call out CM Punk. Frank wants this fight bad, and insists that the fans are begging for this match-up. JDF had this to say regarding the possible fight:

"They would love it. If Punk fights again, everybody at the base, everybody that owns UFC wants me to fight him. If he fights again, that's definitely something I would like to do. I got a chance to visit some of the WWE guys backstage at their shows, it's much like the UFC. I'm not talking about the fighting, but the energy everyone puts into the show. One way or another I'd like to get involved with WWE or UFC just to please the fans."

It's worth noting that Frank is a 7th degree black belt, and currently holds a 1-0 UFC record. But this fight proposal makes it seem like he wants to put on a show rather than compete. Frank must be aware that this fight sounds like a cash-grab, and he went on to explain his motive for the fight:

"For me I've been fighting my whole entire life, I could do it tomorrow if I want. It'd just have to make sense why we're doing it. What I mean by makes sense is not financially, because I'd fight CM Punk for a dollar. I would do a Power Ranger movie for nothing, I'm not financially hurt. What I'm say is if it makes sense for my fan base. Do my fans say, 'Yes that's what I'd like to see. Yes, I'd like to see him in Bloodshot. No I don't like that thing he did.' I always like going back to the fans, thinking 'Is this something they want?' That's what I mean about making sense, it's not about money at all.

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Frank was than asked if he had a particular bone to pick with CM Punk, to which he replied:

"Not at all. I thought the fan-base was great. Never thought he'd fight in the UFC. Everybody wanted to see this fight and I picked him because I like the guy.

Frank then doubled back on his comments, and suggested that CM Punk doesn't deserve to be in the UFC, before arguing that this fight is being demanded by the fans:

So I was just thinking the fan-base would love it, then I talked to them about it and he's like, 'Yeah' and then started saying he's a purple belt in jiu-jitsu and I started believing him and all this stuff started to come out. I don't know if he was just saying that to impress me at the time, or if he never thought this could possibly ever happen with us. It was very possible. I like the guy, I like CM Punk, I'd just like to show the world who is the best in the world and that's why he and me should fight, to see who's the best in the world."

Do Fans Want To See This Fight?

Let’s face it, it’s hard to take Jason David Frank seriously when he's constantly posting self-aggrandizing motivational pictures on Twitter, but the truth is that he can fight. He’s already has a few victories under his belt - he won his first MMA match in 22 seconds against Carlos Horn – and even though he's 43 years old, Frank is in amazing shape.

CM Punk on the other hand, is a character that people love to hate. They hated him when he was in the WWE, and his actions since his departure have made him even less popular. CM Punk left a bad taste in the mouths of WWE fans when he left and aired a lot of the company’s dirty laundry. His UFC career has been a disaster – with his staggering loss to Mickey Gall – and the controversy on whether he belongs in the UFC at all.

Per the fan response on Twitter, they want this match to happen as badly as JDF said they did. The following tweets are from fans that are really excited to see the JDF vs. CM Punk match – and most of them want JDF to kick the shit out of CM Punk:

The idea for this fight has bounced around since 2015, and it’s about time that it happens. Jason David Frank is more than up for the challenge, but it’s up to Dana White and CM Punk to make this match happen. The tweets listed above prove that the fans really want to see this fight– if nothing more than to see CM Punk get his ass beat again.

At this point, nothing has been confirmed, but the challenge has been thrown down. In the meantime, if you want to see modern Rangers throw down, you can catch Power Rangers in theaters on March 24, 2017.

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