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Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers star Jason David Frank was recently the target of an assassination attempt, but thanks to the heroic acts of a vigilant citizen, the attack was thwarted before the attacker could carry out his plan. The man who attempted the attack was carrying an arsenal of fire arms with him, and claimed he drew inspiration from the Marvel’s The Punisher when he planned his heinous attack.

Thankfully, and police officers at the event were unharmed, but the botched assassination attempt sent shock waves through the comic book fan community. Like a real life Power Ranger, Jason David Frank did not let the actions of one man deter him what he set out to do at Phoenix .

Jason David Frank Poses With Police Officers And Jon Bernthal After The Assassination Attempt

Jason David Frank has attended many fan conventions since he rose to fame as the on the hit ‘90s show Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, and he is always thrilled to mingle with his fans and pay tribute to the franchise that made him famous. Phoenix Comic-Con was no different, and JDF was in high spirits, even after the attempt on his life.

JDF looked to reclaim the name of comic book character that the would-be assassin claimed as inspiration, and posed for pictures with Jon Bernthal, who portrays The Punisher on Netflix:

In an Instagram post, JDF praised the police officers who were working the Phoenix Comicon, and gave a shout-out to his buddy . Jason David Frank taking a picture with Jon Bernthal is awesome – especially with The Punisher's image being dragged through the mud by the man who planned the attack – but JDF honoring the police officers who helped apprehend the attacker is particularly wonderful.

Jason David Frank Honors Phoenix Police Officers

In a separate Instagram post, Jason David Frank expressed his gratitude for the officers that saved his life, and posed for pictures with several officers. Jason David Frank’s words are touching, and display how grateful the actor was to the men who helped keep him safe at Phoenix Comicon.

It’s hard to imagine what was going through JDF’s mind when he learned about the attack, but based on his positive demeanor and the fact that he wore a Punisher hat for most of the weekend, it seems that assassination attempt only helped him to appreciate his fans even more.

It’s terrible that someone attempted such a horrible act, but thanks to the Phoenix Police Department, everyone who attended the convention is safe. It’s great to know that Jason David Frank is in high spirits, and that he didn’t let one man’s actions stop him from enjoying the company of his fans or from attending more conventions in the future.

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