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Created by Cartoon Network for , Teen Titans became a fast favorite among fans thanks to the engaging characters, complex plots, and lighthearted style. One of the most popular of all the characters was Beast Boy, which is due in no small part to voice actor Greg Cipes, who added a depth of character to the role.

Cipes has acted in many different mediums, from blockbuster movies like The Fast & The Furious to animated shows like and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He also has a great online presence, appearing in many Vines and keeping up with his fans via his Twitter account.

Recently, we invited him to the Movie Pilot offices in LA to transform him into Beast Boy himself!

The Beast Boy Within: Watch Greg Cipes Transform

For our series we get industry makeup specialists to turn cosplayers, actors, and regular fans into the characters we all know and love in a live session. As he was becoming Beast Boy, Greg Cipes took the time to answer commenters' questions and talk about everything he's been up to recently — you can watch the full session here, or check out the timelapse video below for a breakdown of what we did!

Cipes is currently reprising his role as Beast Boy on Teen Titans Go!, another animated show that assembles the popular DC team.

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Here's Cipes after he finished morphing into Beast Boy — and it's safe to say he both sounds, and looks the part!

[Credit: Movie Pilot / Greg Cipes]
[Credit: Movie Pilot / Greg Cipes]

I wonder what Tara Strong a.k.a. Raven would say about this...

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