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Can you smell that? No, it isn't what The Rock is cooking, it is the stench of undead corpses rambling toward us. As we sit grave-watching for Season 8 of AMC's to return, we are currently in that barren slump where news travels about as fast as it does in the zombie apocalypse.

As we refresh news feeds and wait for the slightest cast slip-up to reveal spoilers from the show's eighth run, executive producer has shared a behind-the-scenes video to satisfy our bloodlust.

Run Rabbit, Run Rabbit

Posted on the SFX guru's own Instagram, don't expect the captionless video to leak some big reveal about who could die in Episode 100 when the show returns. However, that isn't to say there is nothing to ponder here. We see a walker stumbling through the woods, before the camera pans on the conveniently placed sign "Rabbit Season."

Can you spot the comparison with Daryl Dixon, who was framed by one of the Claimers for "stealing" a rabbit back in Season 4? Also, with Daryl's hunting background, does the video allude to a Daryl-centric episode?

The centenary episode wrapped filming a couple of weeks ago, which means anything currently being filmed will likely appear in "Episode 101" or "Episode 102." Odd that the video seems to be making a reference to Daryl, and while it is all hearsay, don't discount that his could be the major death that kicks off the season. However, given that Season 7 just lost three series regulars, there is some hope that showrunner will dial down the loss of fan-favorites this time around.

Otherwise, let's focus on the use of the sign "Rabbit Season" — is this the unofficial title of Season 8? If you look back over the years, you could call Season 3 "Prison Season," S4 "Governor Season," S5 Terminus Season," and S7 was undoubtedly "Negan Season." Rabbit Season could be an homage to the Loony Tunes cartoons, but unless we are introducing a zombie Elmer Fudd hunting rabbits, I fail to see the significance. More likely, the allusion to rabbits and hunting amps up the fear that bad things are coming for Rick and his crew, and they are the "rabbits in headlights" when Negan launches his all out war.

To be honest, Nicotero could just be showing off his masterful work on yet another well-made Walker of his. With the first trailer not expected until San Diego Comic Con in July, it looks like we will have to stick Nicotero's video on repeat until then!

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