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With Season 7 of The Walking Dead only recently concluding and filming not set to begin until next week, news on the upcoming Season 8 has been thin on the ground. However some information has been slowly trickling in about the Season 8 premiere episode — which will also be the series' 100th episode — including a recent reveal of which Walking Dead veteran will be behind the camera as director.

In the little information we've heard about the upcoming premiere episodes, it all sounds rather promising. The episode has already received a rave review from Chandler Riggs a.k.a Carl Grimes, when he read the script and told fans on twitter "oooo man it's good."

Now have reported that the episode will be directed by longtime Walking Dead crew member Greg Nicotero; something which is a great sign if you're after action and gore (and as a Walking Dead fan, isn't that what everyone is after?).

If you're unfamiliar with Nicotero's name, you might recognize him as the dude with the long hair and glasses. Or if you're still at a loss, you'll be more than familiar with his work given that he's the man responsible for all of the awesome zombie looks on the series since Season 1. In addition to his amazing visual effects work over the years, Nicotero is also an executive producer for the series and a director, having directed 20 episodes.

[Credit: Gene Page/AMC]
[Credit: Gene Page/AMC]

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Nicotero has directed some of 's most iconic episodes, and with the Season 8 premiere not only being a premiere episode but also the series' 100th episode, there is no doubt he has massive things planned. Still a little unsure about what Nicotero might be able to deliver? Take a trip down memory lane and check out just a few of the episodes he's directed:

Season 2 — 'Judge, Jury, Executioner'

Dale and Carl's walker [Credit: AMC]
Dale and Carl's walker [Credit: AMC]

Nicotero directed his first Walking Dead episode back in Season 2 when the crew were still on the Greene family farm. Season 2, Episode 11 is probably best remembered as the episode Carl antagonizes a walker in a swamp, which ultimately leads to the death of resident wise old man, Dale. It's also the episode Hershel gives Glenn his family's pocket watch, an item which has remained on the show longer than most living characters!

Season 3 — 'This Sorrowful Life'

Nicotero also directed Season 3, Episode 15, when the group faced the challenge of the Governor and the town of Woodbury. The episode revolved around Merle abducting Michonne in order to hand her over to the Governor, though in the end sets her free. Merle instead sets a trap for the Governor and his men, taking a number of them down before being beaten and killed by the Governor himself. The episode ends with the emotional scene of Daryl find his zombified brother.

Season 4 — 'After'

[Credit: Gene Page/AMC]
[Credit: Gene Page/AMC]

After the shocking Season 4 mid-season finale, Greg Nicotero directed Season 4, Episode 9 which followed Rick and Carl getting away from the destroyed prison. The episode remains most well known for Carl's solo scenes, which involved a walker stealing his shoe and the consumption of an enormous can of chocolate pudding. Oh, and the bad lip reading video ft. Carl Poppa.

Season 5 — 'Conquer'

[Credit: Gene Page/AMC]
[Credit: Gene Page/AMC]

The Greg Nicotero-directed Season 5 finale saw Rick go full savage when trouble came to Alexandria, resulting in the deaths of Reg Monroe and Pete Anderson. We were also properly reunited with Morgan after two seasons when he came to the rescue of Daryl and Aaron— and then arrived at Alexandria in time to see his old friend Rick murder Pete.

Season 6 — 'No Way Out'

[Credit: Gene Page/AMC]
[Credit: Gene Page/AMC]

In Season 6, Greg Nicotero finally took us back to Daryl, Sasha and Abraham as they stopped on the roadside, blocked by a bunch of Saviors (who were blown to smithereens) and then onwards to Alexandria, which was being totally overrun with walkers thanks to the Wolves. In the end Daryl saved the day with his amazing pond of fire trick, though we did lose the entire Anderson family, many other Alexandria residents and Carl's eye.

Season 7 — 'The Day Will Come When You Won't Be'

Yep that's right, Nicotero directed that horrific Season 7 premiere when it was revealed that Glenn and Abraham were both killed by the new Big Bad. I mean, who else could have been trusted with such massive levels of gore?!

The Walking Dead returns to AMC with Season 8 in October.


What are you expecting from Season 8?



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