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Someone call an ambulance, because there could be disaster heading to the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. No, don't worry, none of our favorites are destined for an early grave (yet), but splitsville could be in the cards for one of Seattle's best loved couples. Forget all the tragedy that Meredith and McDreamy endured, what is coming next for Bailey and Ben?

Burning Love

There may be some familiar faces coming back to in Season 14, but according to the Hollywood Reporter, actor Jason George has officially signed on to appear in the untitled spin-off and will be leaving the main show. For those who don't know, hopes to weave her magic on a fictional fire department who tackle blazes on the mean streets of Seattle. Dr. Ben Warren has been a big part of the cast since Season 6, so his absence will surely be felt on Grey's. Thankfully, Jason George at least seems excited for pastures new and tweeted the news to his fans:

If you remember, the Season 13 finale saw Ben briefly join in the newly introduced fire department to rescue Dr. Stephanie Edwards from the explosion that rocked the hospital. It was unclear whether Ben would go in search of a new career, but now it is all but confirmed. The question on everyone's lips is, how will this affect his marriage to Miranda Bailey? As fans know all too well with Shondaland, the acclaimed writer isn't too fond of a happy ending.

The dreamy anesthesiologist has wooed Chandra Wilson’s character since his arrival in Season 6, with the two finally tying the knot back in Season 10. Although George is scheduled to stay on the main show until production begins on the new project, he is most definitely leaving his medical profession behind for a fiery new chapter. While details are yet to be announced, Ben's departure will surely be a huge part of Bailey's storyline in Season 14. The site also reports that the option is there for Ben to "pop in" for the odd episode, but don't expect him to be treading those hallowed halls like we have come to expect.

The firefighter spin-off is expected some time in 2018, but little else is known. Jaina Lee Ortiz currently looks to be in the lead role, while an addition like George is sure to be get large portion of the screen time. Worryingly, let's remember that if you thought the corridors of Grey Sloan weren't treacherous enough, this will likely be nothing compared to when Ben walks through the doors of the firehouse. One surefire way to get the ratings up and get everyone talking about Rhymes' spin-off would be to kill off a big name like Ben. Perhaps we should prepare the tissues for another signature Shonda swansong.


Will you miss Ben on 'Grey's Anatomy'?

(Source: The Hollywood Reporter)


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