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Some grizzly new images have surfaced for David Hackl's (Saw V) new man vs. nature flick, Endangered.

Take a look at a partially mauled, gun-wielding Billy Bob Thornton and decide who you'd rather go up against - him, or the bear?

(Source: Joblo)

The basic plot goes something (that is to say, exactly) like this:

In the action thriller Endangered, a deputy whose mission is protecting the threatened grizzly bear suddenly finds himself conflicted when a massive rogue grizzly wreaks havoc on a local Alaskan community. Enlisting the help of his estranged brother, he enters the labyrinthian Grizzly Maze to track down his wife who's gone missing before the bear does. As the body count mounts, and an infamous bear hunter enters the fray determined to take down the bear he's been waiting for his whole life, no one is safe in the harsh Alaskan wilds.

This is why I hate camping.

Liking the look of campy bear horror Endangered? Or does it sound too dumb for your taste? Sound off below!



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