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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to step inside your favorite video game? Surely, everyone has at some point or another. Well, the Force Dynamics' 401CR Motion Platform has brought society one step closer towards reaching this terrifying future—feel every bump, every turn, everY terrifying fall from hundreds of feet in the air, by surrendering your body to this $100k simulator.

Developed by at a "family-owned business located in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York," the 401CR is a full body experience. And really, what better game is there to test this baby out on than Grand Theft Auto V, the game everyone wishes they could step into?

And it's certainly safer than ACTUALLY emulating Grand Theft Auto...
And it's certainly safer than ACTUALLY emulating Grand Theft Auto...

Meet the 401CR Motion Platform

Anything that looks this crazy is sure to be up for a good time. The 401CR is one of the most advanced motion vehicular simulators in development. It touts itself as being able to accomplish two things that no other simulator can: "[...] provide a perfect one-to-one ratio between vehicle rotation and simulator rotation, and [...] do so without washouts or any inverse forces." That's one powerful machine!

This ain't no 'Easy Rider.'
This ain't no 'Easy Rider.'

In layman's terms, the rotation of this baby can make you feel like you're truly driving a car, boat, truck—you name it!—making the possibilities for video game simulation more numerous than the number of people you can ram into on the streets of any Grand Theft Auto game.

...which is exactly what they did to test it.

"It feels really weird when you can feel it."
"It feels really weird when you can feel it."

The team behind the 401CR has hooked their mechanical doohickey up to none other than Grand Theft Auto V to showcase its crazy-car-driving, civilian-slamming abilities. No longer are those bodies just nameless polygons, now you can actually feel the stomach-churning bump as you decorate your front bumper with their carcasses.

But whacking isn't the only thing they test out over the course of the video. From careening over an overpass, to zigzagging all over the road in a police chase, to a little bit of off-roading, they test out the 401CR in various terrains and vehicles. They even took the stunt plane out for a spin!

All in all, it looks like a swingin' good time. I'd love to take the mechanical bad-boy for a spin myself to see if it really does feel like I've joined Michael, Franklin, and Trevor in wreaking havoc across San Andreas. Of course, they might not ever let me back in a real car again afterwards.

Grand Theft Auto isn't the only game they've had their fun with. Check out their YouTube page for clips of them playing everything from Super Mario Kart to Star Wars Battlefront using the 401CR.

My only question is when technology like this will become available (and cheap enough!) for your average gamer. I mean, really—who wouldn't want one of these in their home to blow off some steam every now and again? Sadly, I can imagine it will be some time before the average civilian will be able to able to experience this glory in the home.

Watch the full video of Grand Theft Auto V on the 401CR Motion Platform:

Now if only they could only have attempted this stunt...

Force Dynamics isn't the only company trying to turn games into reality. With the Playstation VR just around the corner and the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive already making market waves, it won't be long before gaming truly feels like stepping into another world.

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What games would you want to see on the 401CR? Would combining motion simulation and VR be the next greatest thing in gaming?!


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