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With Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 swooping in on us on May 5, it almost feels as if the entire world has gone ga-ga over Marvel's latest superhero release. And the lovely people over in Movie Pilot's studio are no exception.

Cosplayer Elizabeth Rage took up the opportunity to recently be transformed into Guardians 2 character, Nebula, the alien super villain colliding with our heroes in outer space and one that's portrayed by actress Karen Gillian in James Gunn's movie.

With professional help from talented MUA Amber Talarico (@amberico) and LA special effects artist Kenneth Alexander (@martinipesto), Elizabeth nailed the blue-tinged look of the brutal space pirate in . Check it out:

Telling us a little about herself, Elizabeth (otherwise known as @ElizabethRage on Instagram) is a costumer designer, cosplayer, model, actress, and singer. She is also the host of the DIY Cosplay Shop called Rage Puppets — featured on her YouTube Channel — and is additionally known for her work on DIY Prop Shop.

[Credit: Elizabeth Rage]
[Credit: Elizabeth Rage]

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Alongside playing dress up for a living, she also contributes to weekly live streams on Twitch and was once also a judge for the costume contest at Club Cosplay 2016 at OHM Nightclub in LA.

If you want to see the step by step of this inter-galactic transformation, check out the short Facebook clip below:

Pretty cool, huh?

For more incredible transformations, tune in to the Instastory live on @SuperNewsLive and on every Thursday from 1PM PT, where true fans show off their awesome cosplay skills as your favorite TV/movie characters.

Share your best superhero cosplay in the comments below:

[Credit: Marvel Studios]
[Credit: Marvel Studios]


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