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Even though is the most beloved movie franchise of all time, there have been some pretty embarrassing things to come out of it. Most notably, the 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special is one of the oddest things Lucasfilm has ever produced. It was aired on television for the fans of Star Wars: A New Hope, and it followed Chewbacca's family on Life Day.

Yeah, imagine an hour and 37 minutes of that. Now, it looks like another beloved sci-fi franchise may bring us a holiday special...

James Gunn Reveals A 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' Christmas Special Could Happen

[Credit: Marvel Studios]
[Credit: Marvel Studios]

On Twitter, Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn told us that he will return to direct and write the third film of the series, but he also gave a huge head-scratcher to the world when responding to a fan's question about a potential holiday special airing on ABC. Gunn praised the idea and revealed that the idea has been thrown around the Marvel Studios offices for quite some time:

Of course, this does not mean it's happening. (Yet.) Gunn has only said they have discussed the idea and thought it would be funny, but nothing more.

Anyway, Gunn further discussed how he used to love the Star Wars Holiday Special as a child and revealed the conditions that would have to be set in order for him and Marvel to go through with the project:

Personally, I am very surprised that Marvel would even consider the idea of creating a holiday special with the Guardians of the Galaxy, which has arguably become its most popular property in a variety of ways. The Star Wars Holiday Special was far from a success, but as Gunn points out, kids who watched it fell in love with it. Of course, kids grew up and realized how awful the TV special actually was.

See also:

Also, Star Wars took itself a lot more seriously than Guardians of the Galaxy, which is practically a comedy in many ways. Given that, a Christmas special featuring Star-Lord and the rest of the gang might actually be a very entertaining watch.

Since Disney owns ABC, that is where they would probably air the special — which we're guessing would have an hour runtime.


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