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One comic book movie role is no longer enough. These days, everyone from Ryan Reynolds to Chris Evans has doubled up on the spandex, playing two or more superheroes in the pursuit of artistic fulfilment/money. However, while the majority flaunt their comic book obsession in lead roles, there are also a few unsung heroes out there who play multiple supporting roles that fans rarely notice. One such low-key hero plays a pivotal role in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

Star-Lord & The Star-Spangled Avenger Are Linked

While she doesn't appear for long, the influence of Meredith Quill can be felt throughout the franchise. After all, it's the death of Peter's mother in the first movie that motivates Star-Lord, and it's the discovery of how she died that frees Peter from Ego's control in the sequel. Without Meredith Quill, Star-Lord's story would be very different — but didn't we see her face before somewhere?

Years before Meredith died in the first Guardians of the Galaxy or fell in love with Ego in Vol. 2, actress Laura Haddock also appeared in Captain America: The First Avenger. Remember that girl looking for 's autograph back in the '40s? It seems that Haddock had a thing for superheroes long before she hooked up with Ego.

Are Laura Haddock's Two MCU Roles Somehow Connected?

Captain America: The First Avenger [Credit: Marvel Studios]
Captain America: The First Avenger [Credit: Marvel Studios]

While it's tempting to concoct a few fan theories here, somehow connecting Haddock's two characters as one and the same, we're afraid that this just doesn't make sense. Given the time frame which Captain America: The First Avenger is set, Meredith Quill would have given birth to Peter somewhere around the age of 60. Haddock's Marvel debut occurs in the early '40s, yet Meredith doesn't appear to be much older than 30 in her Guardians of the Galaxy death scene in 1988.

There's a small chance that magic, time travel or alien technology could have somehow intervened, and kept the youthful autograph-seeker alive long enough to mother Peter Quill. Lord knows there's enough of that stuff flying around the MCU. However, this would stretch the limits of believability just a tad too far for most fans, and we're talking here about a franchise that stars dancing trees and gun-toting raccoons. Failing all that, there's also a chance that the autograph hunter could be related to Meredith Quill in some capacity and that's why they look so similar.

While we're almost certain that Meredith Quill didn't meet Captain America back in the '40s, does confirm that another prolific MCU star has been playing the same character in each of his movies...


Do you think Laura Haddock's two characters are one and the same?

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