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has been a huge success with the movie delighting both critics and the fan community while already making over 500 million dollars worldwide. While the sequel would never obviously have achieved the sheer surprise of being a monster hit that the first movie did, that doesn't take away from it being ranked up there with some of the best Marvel movies of all-time.

Still, there are many scenes that hit the cutting room floor, along with some characters that director James Gunn originally wanted to include that didn't make the final cut. But thanks to YouTuber Mr. Sunday Movies, we finally have a complete breakdown of all those what-might-have-beens. He even threw in some interesting tidbits about things we've learned since the movie's release:

The entire video is 10 minutes long, so there's a lot to unpack. But here are some of my personal highlights.

Yondu Was Sacrificed To Raise The Stakes

Personally, I think one of the more intriguing things revealed by was the fact that he really didn't want Yondu to die but the story lead directly to his death and the beloved director also wanted the movie to have stakes. James Gunn and Michael Rooker recently revealed this.

“I didn’t want that to be the ending, and I kind of refused to put that in as the ending for a long time,” admits James Gunn, the film’s writer and director. “It wasn’t how the movie ended.”

“Well, I didn’t want him to write it either,” adds Rooker.

Gunn continues, “But, at the end of the day, I knew that’s where it needed to go. I knew that we need to have real stakes in these movies. We need to lose characters. And not everyone who sees Marvel movies loves that.”

Lots Of Easter Eggs In The Deleted Grandpa Quill Scene

We know there was supposed to be a very cool scene on Earth featuring Grandpa Quill and a bunch of Easter Eggs. One of those Easter Eggs was a reference to Wonder Man, who was supposed to have had a cameo in the film, played by , who also cameoed in the first film. It ended up on the cutting room floor, but above is that Easter Egg: Simon Williams is actually Wonder Man's real name.

The movie posters in the scene also include a handful of hidden references: For example, a Conan poster; a movie for Marvel Comics' character, Arkon; and a poster for a fictional Stark movie, a clear spoof of Jobs.

Obviously, you'll need to watch the entire video to catch all the deleted scenes, characters, and cut Easter Eggs from the film. Still, it's pretty crazy to watch this and realize how different so many movies might feel if nothing was ever cut.

Which deleted scenes/missing characters do you wish had appeared in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2? Tell me below!


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