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One of Star-Lord's most prized possessions is his Walkman. After getting the Awesome Mix mixtape from his mother (and getting abducted by a pack of human-eating Ravagers), the Walkman became his inseparable companion. I mean, he traveled the galaxy performing his mischievous deeds with it for over twenty hears. So the guy is an expert on the iconic player.

With Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 right around the corner, is ramping up the marketing machine. And a new promo for the film has been released. Given the relevance the Walkman in the Guardians' story and with a new Awesome Mix on the way, Marvel wants its audience to know what the thing's all about. Fortunately, the studio got the best teacher for the lesson: .

Take a look as Peter Quill walks (heh) us through what the Walkman is all about:

The promo is incredibly strange but fits perfectly with what we've come to expect from our space a-holes. It starts on a sad note, as the dancing aficionado gets nothing but blank silence when he asks his imaginary audience whether they know the old music player in his hand.

But the show must go on, so Pratt makes something very clear for younger fans: This is not an iPod, tablet or smartphone. He proves his point by listing everything his beloved musical companion doesn't have:

  • No touchscreen
  • No streaming
  • No shuffle
  • No skipping
  • No repeat

That's right, it just plays music... but we still love it. Now, that may sound depressing for technologically savvy fans. But even with all the limitations, Pratt still manages to look on the bright side of the Walkman: It's like a concert. That's... I must admit, I never thought about it that way. Thank you, .

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This video got me thinking: can you imagine Peter Quill's reaction when he gets to Earth and sees cellphones and iPods? It's safe to say he'll be completely mind-blown (even with all the alien-fighting craziness in his life). Of course, due to his attachment to the Walkman, don't expect him to replace it with our modern, as attractive as it may seem.

Don't forget to check out our rag-tag group of heroes once hits theaters on May 5, 2017.

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