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The allure of the MCU has outstretched its source material during its journey to multi-billion dollar success. But no matter how popular the franchise has become, each new instalment offers a wealth of hints, references, characters and all-out fan service for loyal readers of the comics the films are based on. Guardians of the Galaxy 2 is no different.

With a modest readership before the cosmic delight won the hearts of millions in 2014, it is arguably one of the instalments with the highest percentage of first-time fans. It's easy to see why; it is an aesthetic wonder, deeply unique and easy to relate to. But, as a huge fan of the comic series himself, director James Gunn makes sure he doesn't neglect the original fans, with one of the five post credits scenes containing a huge reference.

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Who Is Adam?

The Soverign have become enemies of the Guardians [Credit: Marvel Studios]
The Soverign have become enemies of the Guardians [Credit: Marvel Studios]

Comic book readers would be forgiven for a subtle fist pump at the mention of the name. For those unfamiliar though, this may've been a head scratching moment. As Ayesha — the Golden High Priestess of the seemingly perfect, genetically modified species known as the Sovereign — unveils her latest weapon, the camera pans to a golden cocoon. Ayesha says she'll name this super-powerful being Adam.

But who the hell is Adam? His full name, Adam Warlock, may be familiar. He's been appearing in the comics for decades, making his first appearance in Fantastic Four #66 (Sept 1967). Adam was the first attempt by the Enclave (a group of scientists on Earth) to create a perfect being in the Citadel of Science, also know as "The Beehive."

In Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Gunn has made some creative changes. Originally, Adam was created first (also known as "Him") while Ayesha was created after (also known as "Her"). However, cinematically, Adam's conception works well; after being betrayed by the Guardians at the beginning of the film, Ayesha's quest to seek revenge provided a powerful tonic to create the super-weapon.

But Wait, Is Adam Warlock A Villain?

Yes. And, er, no? In the comics, Adam is a good guy by all accounts, and as a godlike being who has been a part of numerous superhero teams over the years, including the Guardians themselves. He even fought super-villain Thanos — played by Josh Brolin in the MCU and a key villain in — a number of times in the comics.

It makes his introduction even more intriguing, potentially starting out as a villain of the under direction of Ayesha. However, in the comics, Warlock rebelled against the his creators — the Enclave — and left Earth. So it'd make sense that, eventually, Adam will rebel against Ayesha and become a force for good.

So, When Will We See Adam Warlock In The MCU Full Time?

We'll have to be patient, for now. Gunn previously explained that he was originally scripted to have a big part to play in Guardians of the Galaxy 2, but was cut because he became "one character too many." That means we may now have to wait a little longer for his appearance, with MCU head honcho Kevin Feige confirming won't appear in the next ensemble, Infinity War.

Adam Warlock taking on Thanos [Credit: Marvel Comics]
Adam Warlock taking on Thanos [Credit: Marvel Comics]

Feige also confirmed that the next likely appearance for the (newly acquainted) Adam will be in the recently confirmed . And this, once the excitement surrounding Vol.2 dies down, adds another reason to already begin counting down the days until release. Best get reading those comics.

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