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The MCU has more connections than the human brain, which is saying something, because the human brain has up to 1,000 trillion connections, which is a lot. The shared universe is a powerful, billion-dollar-producing beast, with each spinoff and solo movie requiring careful consideration as to how the story fits the bigger puzzle. All, except one.

James Gunn has confirmed that Guardians of the Galaxy 2 is very much independent from the MCU and will be "100 per cent self-enclosed," free of the shackles of creative constraint brought by the implications of the wider universe. Which, considering the influence of Marvel's head honcho, Kevin Feige, is quite an achievement. In an interview with The Daily Beast, Gunn said:

"There is not a single thing in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 which was ever dictated by the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe. There are things that I did in the movie that they’re going to have to deal with, now, in Infinity War.

"But it was pretty much understood that the Guardians are my guys, so they’d have to deal with whatever came from that."

It's not a huge surprise; due to its cosmic nature, (2014) was distinct from the simultaneous exploits of the , occurring on Star-Lord's home planet, Earth. Although the Guardian's main antagonist, Thanos, will be the key villain in Infinity War, the sequel will instead focus on the theme of family, and the dynamics of the the newly formed group.

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Distance From The MCU Will Benefit 'Guardians Of The Galaxy 2'

The is a beneficial and highly successful model. In many ways, the overarching, defining narrative has allowed the fictional world to grow way beyond the constrains of a cinematic runtime. But it also has its drawbacks, with the interconnectedness occasionally causing creative restrictions.

Thanos is a link between the Guardians and the Avengers [Credit: Disney]
Thanos is a link between the Guardians and the Avengers [Credit: Disney]

In the bigger picture, with the link of Thanos and the infinity stone, Gunn could've succumbed to using Guardians of the Galaxy 2 as a vehicle to lead into Infinity War. But by doing so, it would've taken something away from what made the original such a hit — individuality.

Now the Guardians have formed together, the next step for Gunn is to flesh out the individual characters, with promises that each of the main group has a complete story arc. That in itself will spread the runtime thin; as well as Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax the Destroyer, Rocket Raccoon and Baby Groot, the team will be joined by Nebula and Mantis.

Despite its aesthetically pleasing exterior, at its core, Guardians is a character driven property. That'll only be increased in , with specific relationships within the group explored: Star-Lord will meet his father, Ego; Gamora and Nebula, now on the same team, will have to work through their sibling rivalry; and Drax will become a father figure to Mantis. With all that taken into consideration, it makes sense for the film to stay away from the Avengers' story.

Will 'Guardians Of The Galaxy 2' Completely Ignore 'Avengers 3'?

The Guardians have been confirmed for the mammoth beast of Avengers 3, now known as Infinity War, so will Gunn completely ignore any links to the Earth based superheroes?

It's important to remember that Guardians of the Galaxy 2 is also the first MCU movie to digress from the timeline — Feige confirmed each film was set in the year of release, but Gunn's sequel picks things up only a few months after the end of the first. That means, in theory, the narrative is taking place a few years before the events of Captain America: Civil War (2016). So we already know at that point, the two teams haven't met.

But it can't completely fail to deliver on bridging the gap between one popular franchise and another, leaving two possible options: A leap forward in time during the movie itself, or a post credits scene that hints heavily at an eventual team up. But, whatever the outcome, in Guardians of the Galaxy 2, family will come first.

Do you think Guardians of the Galaxy 2 should have strong links to the MCU and Infinity War? Or stay fully standalone?

(Source: The Daily Beast)


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