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Following the announcement that had joined Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy cast we here at Moviepilot HQ have spent many sleepless nights sat in the office drinking strong espresso's and speculating on which character he would be playing. After vigorous debates, some heated arguments and one black eye we decided that it would probably be one of either Adam Warlock or the Mad Titan himself, Thanos. This was based on Marvel's admission that del Toro's character was being "built to be part of future Marvel films" and the fact that we'd probably have a geekgasm if it turned out to be Thanos.

Turns out we were horribly wide of the mark.

The guys over at ComicBookMovie are claiming that a very reliable source of their's has discovered who del Toro has been cast to play and it's none other than Taneleer Tivan. Now, if that name doesn't immediately ring a bell, perhaps his other moniker will as Tivan is also known as Collector.

So who is this Collector dude?

Well he's one of the oldest beings in the universe, popping into existence shortly after the big bang. He's also immortal, which meant that after his wife died he needed to find a hobby to help pass the eons, so decided to collect important artifacts and lifeforms from across the universe in order to preserve them; a sort of intergalactic hoarder if you will. Oh, and he also possesses the ability to manipulate cosmic energy, so watch out for that.

What do you guys think about del Toro joining the Guardians of the Galaxy cast as Collector?

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