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You might think you've been on some terrible dates, but did any of them merit a lawsuit? This is the predicament one Marvel fan has found himself in after a trip to see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 went awry.

According the The Austin Statesman, Texan local Brandon Vezmar is seeking damages against a woman he met online who texted throughout a screening of during their first date. He claims his date would not respect his request to stop texting, but left and drove home after he asked her to take it outside.

His demands are simple: to be reimbursed the $17.31 he paid for his date's 3D ticket and pizza dinner:

[Credit: Brandon Vezmar Twitter]
[Credit: Brandon Vezmar Twitter]

Supporters of Vezmar's search for justice have rallied in support of him, tweeting him their messages of encouragement. Vezmar tweeted the following statement on the matter in an attempt to justify the importance of the litigation:

"I filed my theater texting lawsuit because online dating etiquette is at such a low ebb it needs to be actively corrected. People know what I mean, which is part of why the story went viral. Enough is enough of the nut-job, self-centered, bizarro-land experiences."

Granted, this statement came after an equally "bizarro" slew of Tweets from Vezmar (who works as a communications consultant), including a statement that there's no lower crime than texting during a movie "apart from serial killing," as well as a message for other "texting floozy"-types:

"May the men in your life stop giving you a free pass, too."

James Gunn Is In Full Support

The case has received quite a lot of social media attention — so much so that Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn has spoken out in support of a harsher punishment for the woman in question:

Vezmar's date, on the other hand, doesn't quite agree. Speaking with the Austin Statesman, she had but a few words to describe the situation: "this is crazy." She also insists that she "wasn't bothering anybody," and only used her phone two or three times— a far cry from the 10-20 times (at least) Vezmar is claiming.

Ultimately, that's for the judge to decide. Maybe they should see if Judge Judy is free? This seems right up her alley.

Would you sue someone for ruining your movie experience?

(Source: Austin Statesman)


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