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Guardians of the Galaxy's Groot flips the meaning of an old saying on its head — his monosyllabic repetition of "I am Groot" gives no forewarning of the levels of unadulterated mayhem he is capable of, therefore, for the sake of a tree-based pun, you could say his bite is worse than his bark.

But what if there is more to the bark than meets the eye? Somehow, his best buddy, Rocket Racoon, is able to find full explanation in what appears to be a psychic connection, while everyone else appears oblivious — and slightly irritated. However, there could be a logical explanation behind why Rocket is the only one who can fully understand the poor, misunderstood talking plank of wood.

Rocket is the only being able to fully understan Groot [Credit: Disney]
Rocket is the only being able to fully understan Groot [Credit: Disney]

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Does This Theory Explain How Rocket Understands Groot?

The Guardians of the Galaxy theory posted on Reddit by Mattster00 speculates that, as well as his three-word-Vin-Diesel-inspired-grunt, the 's Groot adds meaning by releasing plant based pheromones in conjunction with the tone of speech. Rocket Raccoon understands this clearly, as not only do raccoons have a strong sense of smell in their non-experimented on form, but Rocket also has enhanced perception on top of that, allowing him to break down the message in a way others can't.

In comparison, humans sense of smell would fail to even detect a Calvin Klein One level scent, while Rocket would be able to detect a detailed aroma, enough to decipher the mood that is feeling at the time. Regardless of whether he detects an entire, detailed meaning, Rocket may add extra nuance to each interpretation when vocalizing Groot's intent to the rest of the group. The rascal.

Jean Grey reads Groots mind [Credit: Marvel Comics]
Jean Grey reads Groots mind [Credit: Marvel Comics]

The MCU canon does differentiate from its comic companion, but it still helps to flesh out context. Groot is an intriguing character, who doesn't lack personality, despite his vocal limitations. There is comic book precedent of other "Groots" with who are able to form language more advanced (which may explain the one-time utter of "We Are Groot"), illustrating there is more to a Groot than its grunt.

The theory is also backed up by the fact that Groot is capable of complex thought which isn't reflected accurately by his limited language. In All-New X-Men #23, Jean Grey telepathically reads his inner dialogue (I can totally see a Jean Grey and Groot romance developing), revealing a rich intrinsic world that must be, presumably, frustrating to not convey. In short: Groot is far from stupid, and shouldn't be underestimated.

Will Baby Groot Talk In 'Guardians Of The Galaxy 2'?

The wooden Guardians member, who returns for Vol. 2 in smaller form, originates from Planet X, and belongs to a species known as Flora colossus, a collection of sentient-trees. The usher of "I am Groot" is due to a hardened larynx rather than social awkwardness, making further speech almost impossible.

After selflessly sacrificing himself for the group, Groot will return as Baby Groot in . Although promotional trips and the trailer has shown Baby Groot to follow the same restricted speech patterns, there is a chance that he may be able to speak more due to his less-developed form.

Could fans be in for a treat in Guardians of the Galaxy 2? We can only oak.

What do you think of this Guardians of the Galaxy theory? Can Rocket understand Groot due to plant pheromones?

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