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SPOILER ALERT: Very mild spoilers to follow. Click away if you want to come to the movie fresh as a new born babe with not a single notion of how it's going to be.

The nice thing about setting a huge blockbuster movie like Guardians of the Galaxy in space is that it means photography is limited to sound stages in UK film studios. Simpler to keep your extras together without the mavericks amongst them meandering off to those famously awesome British pubs while you're setting up a big scene, and keeps costs down, too.

However, since producer has previously implied that a small but essential section of the movie will be set on Earth, recent proposal applications indicate that the Marvel production is keen on the idea of filming on a farm in Guildford, Surrey. The production company is hoping to use the land to form a crater to simulate an 'alien spaceship crash'.

The proposal to the council reveals: 'The natural slope of the land at Tilsey Farm, Horsham Road, (photographed below) has informed the decision to film in this area as it creates an appropriate back drop to the proposed alien spaceship crash scene.'

'The 'crash site' film set will be 75 metres by 75 metres and formed through the excavation of the soil to form an elongated 'crater' ' one section read. 'The estimated range of depth of dig will be 0.5 meters to 1.75 meters, below field level. The associated 'prop' debris of the 'spaceship' will be positioned on the site. The special effects to be used on the filming day only, will simulate the immediate aftermath of a crashed space ship. Effects will include: Ground Hits (Pyrotechnic charge), Black Smoke, LPG Fire, White Smoke, and Wind Machines...'

If you're interested, you can check out the application in more detail here. Marvel is waiting for approval from the Waverley Borough Council, who haven’t yet expressed any objections to visitors from outer space.

Check out snaps of the set below, courtesy of

Meanwhile, an extra hired for the upcoming superhero movie recently revealed that his incarnation as an alien character meant that he had to shave off his hair as he'll be sporting a prosthetic, have green eyes and fangs. Wow. We hope he gets paid for all the extra (heh) time he puts in having his make up done!


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