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Have you had enough of hearing about all those Guardians of the Galaxy fan theories yet? Of course not! James Gunn's epic space opera is absolute gold for fans who love to speculate, and the theories just keep rolling in an entire month after release.

But while you were keeping your eyes peeled for those sneaky Easter Eggs, Redditor Petronella23 noticed an interesting narrative development that might have slipped right past other viewers — and it might just explain why Mantis switched sides.

Is Mantis Evil Or Just Naive?

Mantis was a kooky addition to the Guardians cinematic universe. Raised solely by Ego, Star-Lord's lunatic father, the empath alien is incredibly shielded from the outside world. Despite Drax's constant stabs at her, she's incredibly sweet, wielding the ability to soothe people's troubles and helping her master to drift off to sleep every night.

But if Mantis is such an innocent little beam of rainbows and sunshine, then why the hell is she helping Ego murder all his ex-girlfriends and children and take over the world, leading to even more unnecessary deaths? Doesn't that make her evil, too?

Not quite. All Mantis has ever known is Ego, so it's entirely possible that she's unaware of just how unethical it is to, well, murder people. As Petronella23 says, "It's very likely that she witnessed him killing his offspring without remorse," indicating that she isn't aware of the normal emotions associated with killing your own kids.

Why Did Mantis Change Sides?

Here's where we see a real development in Mantis' character. Remember when Drax revealed his family's death to Mantis? His wife and daughter were slaughtered by Ronan, who was ordered to do so by Thanos. It's a memory that continues to haunt Drax, despite having exacted his revenge on Ronan.

But when Mantis touches his arm to "feel" his feelings and soothe his mind, she is overcome by the same grief that Drax is experiencing. According to Petronella23:

"She realized that 'oh shit, normal people actually feel sad when their child dies'"

This would mean that Mantis' decision to reveal Ego's plan and betray her master wasn't a spontaneous change of heart or a caused by an increased sense of trust and friendship with Drax, but a result of the revelation she experienced when she connected with him. The veil had been lifted from her eyes, and she could see that Ego's lack of emotion was totally not normal, causing her to "nope" right out of that situation.

What do you think of this Guardians of the Galaxy theory?

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