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is around the corner and we've had plenty of time to speculate about what exactly was going to go down in 's much anticipated sequel. Director has stated repeatedly that the Guardians series was its own story, and not a build-up for the adventures of the rest of the . We know that we'll finally learn more about 's family — including a father the shape of a planet — and we've been hoping for a closer look at Gamora and Nebula's tough bond.

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But that doesn't mean we're completely forgetting about the first volume: Not only is there still an Easter Egg left to be discovered, we'll never run out of to explain the adventures of Star-Lord and his gang. This time, this theory about Rocket comes courtesy of Redditor NinjaBreadManOO, who came up with an absolutely convincing origin for the angry raccoon.

First, Brush Up On Your Knowledge Of The Infinity Stones

Marvel Comics
Marvel Comics

As the MCU is slowly coming together, we're getting a better look at what everyone's after: the Infinity Stones, or Gems, which the big purple bad guy Thanos is trying to collect in order to destroy the world. As the Collector explains to us mortals in :

"Before creation itself, there were six singularities, then the universe exploded into existence and the remnants of this system were forged into concentrated ingots... Infinity Stones."

There's six stones: Mind, Soul, Power, Space, Time and Reality, and so far we've seen the Mind stone embedded into Vision's forehead, the Power stone in Guardians, the Space stone in Avengers (it's the Tesseract, because things would be too simple if they all didn't have a second nickname), the Time stone supposedly dangling around Doctor Strange's neck, and the Reality stone in Thor: The Dark World. As for the Soul stone, fans are betting it'll rear its shiny head in Thor: Ragnarok.

How Come The Guardians Manage To Contain The Power Stone?

Now, because these stones are extremely powerful, they can't be wielded by just anyone. That's why Ronan the Accuser's jaw drops when Peter Quill grabs the Power stone at the end of Guardians: He should die instantly, yet he and the rest of the Guardians manage to contain the stone and put it back in its box! Did they create an giant friendship bracelet by holding hands that was capable of stopping the destructive energy of the stone? Or was there another reason?

Mr. NinjaBreadManOO thinks the whole friendship bracelet thing is a bit too corny, and found another explanation: Rocket, the foul-mouthed raccoon, was actually created to hold the Power stone.

  • Rocket states he's been meddled with, and while he's been genetically manipulated in the comics, it could be that he was created with the purpose of wielding an Infinity stone.
  • There has been another occurrence of a being created specifically for that: Vision was created by Ultron to hold the Mind stone.
  • The beings meant to hold the stones would have personalities matching their power, which is why Vision is so cold-headed and intelligent. And what kind of temper does Rocket have? His blood is boiling most of the time, and he mainly aspires to blow up stuff — an attitude that clearly matches the effects of the Power stone.
  • Rocket's name contains the word "rock" — just kidding.

Is Each Stone Destined To Find A Carrier?

'Doctor Strange' / Marvel Studios
'Doctor Strange' / Marvel Studios

Continuing with that theory, then, what if there were a being in the galaxy destined to find each Infinity stone? If this little gang exist and they figure it out, that could be a fascinating way to stop Thanos from putting them all together in his little golden glove. Sorry, Star-Lord, but these guys would be the real guardians of the galaxy.

What do you think of this theory? Has Rocket been created for a purpose, and are there others like him?


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