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Matt Carter

Chris Pratt's star continues to rocket skywards, with the Parks and Recreation's alum in advance negotiations to join Colin Trevorrow's Jurassic World as the male lead. Speaking at a press junket for his comedy Delivery Man, Pratt revealed that his casting for the dino adventure is moving along swiftly:

I know I want to do it and I know the director (Colin Trevorrow) wants me to do it. So now it's just a matter of everyone coming together and making sure it can work.

This is what he'll do to a Velociraptor's face if he takes a journey to Jurassic World...

Pratt was brought in to replace the departing (rumors that dropped out for a part in Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens continue to persist) and will join , and for the adventure that has been 65 million years (or more closely 36 months) in the making.

There's still no word yet whether the original cast of Jurassic Park will be returning, but we'll keep you posted on all the updates as and when they land.

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