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Warning! This article contains significant spoilers for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. You have been warned!

Thrilling and entertaining audiences everywhere, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is undoubtedly a fine addition to the ever-growing Marvel Cinematic Universe. Love for the Guardians themselves has never been higher, even though their latest installment was perhaps the darkest Marvel movie yet, filled with the demises of some major characters. But will one of these deaths be reversed? Could we see an old and trusty friend of Peter Quill’s return to the likes of Avengers: Infinity War and the wider MCU?

“Die, Spaceship!”

Yup, I’m referring to the one and only Milano, and yes I’m classing it as a character. Heck, you might think that “it’s just a spaceship,” but I doubt anyone would say the same about the Millennium Falcon nowadays, or the USS Enterprise for that matter. Star-Lord’s () beloved, customized Ravager “M” ship is as equally pretty as the man himself, and is just as important to the story as any of the other characters.

Indeed, under Peter Quill’s careful, tinkering hands, the Milano proved to be very effective in the fight against Ronan the Accuser’s () Dark Aster in the first . As if that wasn't enough, the Guardians used the Milano to almost single-handedly destroy the Sovereign’s drone fleet in Guardians Vol. 2 as well. Sadly, all of the meticulous repairs that the Nova Corps made after the Battle of Xandar were wasted when Rocket () and Quill’s bickering caused the ship to crash-land on the planet Berhert. As a result, the Guardians were forced to reply upon the remaining portion of the Ravager ship Eclecto to assist them in their final battle with Ego the Living Planet ().

But afterwards, we saw or heard nothing about the magnificent Milano, which is a big shame really. Gamora () may have protested that it was “filthy”, but you will be hard pressed to find a sleeker, more muscular vessel elsewhere in pop-culture, and it’s already hugely popular with the fans. Yet with the events of Guardians Vol. 2 notwithstanding, does this mean that the Milano will forever rest on Berhert? Or could it take to the star-filled skies once again? Let’s take a look at the possibilities.

We’re All Missing The Milano

[Credit: Marvel Studios]
[Credit: Marvel Studios]

On initial inspection, thing's aren't looking too good for the Milano. The last moments of Guardians Vol. 2 closed with our heroes settling into life aboard the Eclector, with Kraglin () practicing with Yondu’s arrow in the corridors, and Quill scolding a teenage Groot () in his quarters.

The use of this Ecletor kind of makes sense as well, given that it’s roomier and will accommodate the team’s already expanding roster. Plus, this switch is more in-line with the group's comic-book counterparts, who don’t really possess the same kind of attachment to their modes of transport as Pratt’s Star-Lord does. Indeed Quill once possessed a craft simply named Ship, but the Guardians have also switched their headquarters from Knowhere to the, erm, Cool Interstellar Travel Travelship (C.I.T.T) with relatively little incident.

So could the same thing happen here? Well, possibly, but we must remember that just because something happens in the graphic novels, it doesn’t mean that the same will happen in the movies. Director James Gunn famously plays fast and loose with the comic book canon, so he may eschew the Guardians’ choice of spaceships as he did with Star-Lord’s comic book dad. Even so, we should consider that the events as they stand could allow for the Milano’s return.

Could The Milano Return In Avengers: Infinity War?

There’s a four year gap between the events of and , meaning that there’s plenty of time for the Guardians to stop over at Berhert and get the ol’ girl working again. Indeed, with his hi-tech knowledge, Rocket seemed to be making a good job on fixing the Milano prior to his abduction by the Ravagers — and I’m sure that the ever emotionally-attached Quill could easily convince the team to stop over whilst it’s being reconstructed. This was the man who broke even deeper into the Kyln on a solo mission to rescue his mix-tape after all, so you never quite know.

Having the Milano on side certainly wouldn’t go amiss, since the titular are going to need a swift and formidable spaceship for their inevitable meet-up with the Avengers. Besides, James Gunn may also have a use for the Milano in , or in future movies.

As of now, the future of the Milano is uncertain but let’s face it: how cool would the image of Star-Lord’s sports car-esque space ship flying into battle alongside the Quinjet be?

Damn, I’ll have to get my own Lego model for research purposes….


Do you want the Milano to return in future Marvel movies?


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