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The Walking Dead actor has been sharing his thoughts on the Guardians of the Galaxy script and indicates that there have at least been discussions of future installments in the franchise.

Whether or not he meant to let it slip to SuperHeroHype, Rooker - who will be playing expert archer Yondu in the movie - has hinted that there will be a sequel to Guardians of the Galaxy, revealing how he was told to "be patient" when he asked why certain plot strands are not being used for the first movie:

When I first got the role of Yondu, [director James] Gunn was like, 'Don't read any of the comics!' but it's beautiful stuff. Whenever you do a film of comic book characters and stuff you don't know how much you can show, you don’t know how much is going to be brought out. Nowadays movies are done and they already have two or three others planned out. So stuff you do in this one, you ask 'Why aren't we doing this?' and they say, 'Well be patient'!

I'm a little sad about the "Don't read any of the comics" line. I understand the need to adapt and make changes to characters...but completely throw the comics out the window? When things like that happen you get The Mandarin, Galactus and Parallax. Still, I'm focusing on the possibility of a Guardians sequel with Adam Warlock in tow...yes, yes, YES!


Guardians of the Galaxy arrives in theaters August 1, 2014.


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