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While millions of people tuned in to watch one of the most pulse-pounding Super Bowls in football history between the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons, one of our favorite movie studios joined in on the fun as well: . Even after dropping their incredible new trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, the House of Ideas couldn't resist having some fun with its space A-holes.

Throughout the game, the official Twitter page for posted GIFs as touchdowns were scored. These weren't regular reaction GIFs, however. In true Guardians fashion, each member of the gang had their own touchdown dance and it's just... glorious.

Credit: Marvel
Credit: Marvel

Nebula: Cybernetic Shake

  • Falcons 7 - 0 Patriots

The Falcons scored the first touchdown of the game, leading Marvel to congratulate the team with a dance performed by none other than everyone's favorite psychopath, :

Who knew? She looks like she can rip your arms off and beat you to death with them even when engaging in menial Terran means of entertainment.

Star-Lord - Galactic Shuffle

  • Falcons 14 - 0 Patriots

The Falcons pulled off a touchdown once again, which prompted to show off his skills on the dance floor...

On the other hand, the guy dances for anything, so he might have just wanted an excuse to cut a rug. Sweet scarf, though.

Drax - Planetary Pectoral Pump

  • Falcons 28 - 3 Patriots

The Falcons began the second half with a bang, delivering their third touchdown. The fact that so many things went over the Patriot's heads encouraged to show off his pectoral sorcery:

Don't be shy, Drax.

Yondu - Ravager Rustle

  • Falcons 28 - 9 Patriots

Finally, the Patriots scored their first touchdown, which prompted the treacherous to rustle up his fin. After all, we know he loves a good underdog story (I mean, the guy took on an entire army with nothing but a whistle-controlled arrow).

However, the real take-away from this is the fact that we finally know what Yondu's fin is for: Spicing up his dance moves.

Gamora - The Green Machine

  • Falcons 28 - 20 Patriots

Remember when Gamora told she didn't dance because she was a warrior? It seems even the deadliest person in the galaxy can loosen up by the glorious feeling of a second touchdown courtesy of the Patriots.

Just like her sister, doesn't it feel like can still kill you with those arm movements? Yikes.

Baby Groot - Groot Scootin'

  • Patriots 28 - 28 Falcons

The Patriots scored their incredible third touchdown and that made very happy.

This was ultimately the touchdown that made the game go into overtime, which in turn lead the Patriots to victory, so his dance counts for two celebrations. Either way, it's fun to see all the Guardians get their own dance—

...Actually, yeah. Where was Rocket? Probably too busy building his next unstable and highly dangerous nuclear weapon.

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It's interesting to see that, even though the Guardians are busy saving the galaxy from extinction every other Sunday, they're able to take their time and watch one of the most nail-biting games we've seen in a while and have fun with it. Hopefully, there's plenty more dancing to come from them once Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 hits theaters on May 5, 2017.


Which was your favorite celebration dance?


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