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Anticipation for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is starting to heat up, after the first movie was an unexpected box office success. The first Guardians was excellent, leaning heavily into the scifi side of superhero stories, and essentially redefining the genre while bringing some of the weirder comic book concepts to the big screen. Plus, it was funny.

With plenty of weird and wonderful plot possibilities for , every piece of official news and merchandise has the potential to reveal important hints for the movie. And such is the case of the most recent LEGO set, released to coincide with the sequel movie.

[Credit: LEGO]
[Credit: LEGO]

To save you from squinting — that's Star-Lord fighting Ayesha, the villain for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 who has an interesting role in the comic books. Elizabeth Debicki is playing the cosmic antagonist Ayesha, and this LEGO set confirms one crucial plot point: This version of the character will indeed be just as terrifyingly powerful as her comic book counterpart.

Supervillain Or Future Hero?

It would be easy to throw Ayesha in as a cameo, or rewrite her character, in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. But with her distinct gold skin and hair — as we can see in the LEGO set — we can rest assured that this version of Ayesha lines up with the comics.

Ayesha, otherwise known as Kismet or Her, is the female counterpart of Adam Warlock — a divinely powerful superhero. While Adam Warlock has teamed up with the Avengers and the Guardians to save the galaxy many times, Ayesha is far more self serving. Genetically engineered to be superior to all other beings, Ayesha needs a mate in order to perpetuate her new race. This role was supposed to be fulfilled by Adam Warlock, but for one reason or another he's just not quite ready to raise a family yet.

The fact that Ayesha is being introduced to the before Adam Warlock has lead to two main lines of speculation: Either Ayesha's introduction heralds Adam's own, or Marvel Studios are planning to completely ignore Adam Warlock, replacing him with Ayesha in the movie canon by combining their roles.

Ayesha a.k.a. Kismet a.k.a. Her in the Marvel comics. [Credit: Marvel]
Ayesha a.k.a. Kismet a.k.a. Her in the Marvel comics. [Credit: Marvel]

At this juncture, either is possible. We know Ayesha is an antagonist for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, but considering that she was built in a lab, it's not too outlandish to suggest that after meeting the Guardians she switches sides and joins them. After all, that's exactly what Nebula is doing in the sequel movie.

However, it's equally likely that Ayesha will remain a villain, and will fight alongside Thanos as he faces both the Avengers and the Guardians in . By introducing Ayesha's complex origin story, the MCU writers would have an easy way to write Adam Warlock in — and James Gunn even included his cocoon in , so we know the character is out there somewhere.

Only time will tell as to which way this plot goes, but whatever happens, Ayesha's inclusion in Vol. 2 is really exciting, as the MCU desperately needs more female villains.


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